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Hi Dr Rassman

My question it’s about new approach of treatment. Have you heard about Zymo Hsor (used in Kaidax), or the options to use lotions with finasteride and flutamide with liposomes to enlvolve the drugs? Well, let me start describing the Zymo Hsor. It’ s a enzyme able to destroy DHT on the scalp. It’s manufactured on Italy. A brazilian Dr, that I know, likes Zymo Hsor and have formulas that use in liposome.

A transdermic gel aor foam with finasteride and flutamide in liposome forms it’s also used to reduce topical DHT. This brazilian Dr recomends to first use Zymo Hsor to destroy topical DHT, and then apply the gel of Finasteride an flutamide. The finasteride topical would reduce the DHT formation, and the remaining DHT would compete with flutamide for the androgens receptos. As the final result the DHT that would link to androgen receptors would be much less.

There are studies suggesting that retioic acid enhance minoxidil effect, and also studies that clains B-12 vitamin increase the effect of minoxidil. One study show that minoxidil with retinol and 0,1% of finasteride resulted in a much higher percentage of people with regorw, when compared to people that only used minoxidil. Propecia reduces more DHT on blood, but not much topical DHT. So I believe would be a fine approach if we use topical lotions to attack DHT, combined with the oral propecia.

I would like to heard your opinion about


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I haven’t heard of Zymo Hsor, but lots of claims are made of various products and I am posting your comments to show the general inexhaustible approaches to the balding problem, your Brazilian doctor in particular. There is no evidence that topicals will work as you suggested here, but let the reader beware as he reads your post and researches it to his heart’s delight. I have no further knowledge to base an opinion on.

There’s this post at HairLossHelp about Zymo Hsor that doesn’t reveal much more than what you described in your email above, and I’ve written about flutamide gel before.

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