Is Hair Loss from Mold Permanent?

I know you said in another post that mold can possibly lead to hair loss; however I am wondering whether such an issue may be reversed. If you do experience hair loss as a side effect from over exposure to mold, will the hair return once the mold is removed? Or is the loss permanent? Thank you for your time.

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Diseases like ringworm (a mold) can be treated successfully unless the presence of disease is a complication of a compromised immune system (like from HIV). In most cases, the hair grows back once the mold/fungus is successfully treated.

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1 thought on “Is Hair Loss from Mold Permanent?

  1. I was exposed to mold and lost a lot of hair and keep losing it. It is not regrowing and I have been out of it for a couple of years now. I did not get ringworm…hair loss caused by something systemic. Anyway, I am sorry to say I am not sure I agree with you…I am not sure the hair regrows. I have been told by doc after doc all my hair won’t fall out. That it will regrow after a year of leaving the mold. Wrong and wrong!

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