Hair Restoration for Black Men?

What are the hair restoration options for a black male with a receding hairline, and preferred style of a brushcut?

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With respect to hair transplant surgery, there is no difference in black men or white men or Asian men or any other ethnicity or race. For very short haircuts, follicular unit extraction (FUE would likely be the way to go so that there isn’t any chance of a visible linear scar, but even the strip method doesn’t discount a short haircut in all men. Scarring is dependent on multiple factors that I’ve described before here.

Actually, I have seen great results for black men with hair transplants. I wish I had some very current results to show, but I can only use photos of those that allow me permission (privacy issues, of course), and with that being said, below is a patient that was featured in our NHI video from quite a few years back. His photos are also on our site here.


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