Actor Charlie Sheen’s Hair Loss

Any comments on Charlie Sheen? These shaved down pics would indicate he probably wears a hairpiece. I am more interested, however, in if that frontal patch seems to be a thick transplant to enhance a natural look from the hair system?

Photos: without and with


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Charlie Sheen

The shaved photos of his head show that he has a strong frontal forelock (just like talk show host David Letterman) and shows a classic Norwood 3 balding pattern. When the forelock is strong, it may last into his old age. I would also have to assume that he wears a hairpiece, which is what we are looking at in the second picture.

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11 thoughts on “Actor Charlie Sheen’s Hair Loss

  1. Wow, I have to respectfully disagree, Dr. R. I don’t think Charlie is wearing a piece. His frontal area is likely strong enough to grow to a longish length and in a sense “hide” the so-called “power alleys.”

  2. Yeah, still seems inconclusive. In any case, this is a man well into his forties with a pretty great head of hair regardless. We can’t be 20 forever; although I realize your business thrives on suggesting otherwise. :)

  3. how can that not be a hairpiece??? if the hair looks thin short, it won’t grow as long and thick as he usually keeps it

  4. His business doesn’t suggest anything. It’s just an option for people who want their hair to look like it’s in their 20s.

  5. He wears a hair piece. His doesn’t look as ridiculous as the ones Nicholas Cage keeps sporting in his movies, but it’s a hair piece none the less. I wonder if Martin Sheen wears one?

  6. That is a hair piece the secret is a good one and a good stylist i have been in the business for 27 years and i know it is . Charlie looks great well the hair piece is great

  7. I’m pretty darn sure Charlie Sheen wears a hairpiece – I remember seeing those pictures of him with the shaved head and then a few weeks later seeing him with the longer hair in the right picture. I know Jon Cryer also wears one when he films/filmed “2 1/2 Men” because there are pictures of him on the internet not wearing a hairpiece when he’s not on set.

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