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I am a great fan of you.. I am suffering from Androgenic Alopacia. I am developing baldness,front area some hairs are there.. in between i am having less hairs, back side i m having more hairs.. my scalp is very oily and i am having lots of sebum balls in my scalp.. Coming to my health, if I couldn’t have my lunch at proper time I will get severe headache and some times I might do the vomiting. The same thing applies to when I smell some fragrances and have some sweet food items. I sleep very late in night like 1 am or 2 am. I heard that taking novophane capsule will help at some extent. Please suggest and help me..Thanks in advance!!

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NovophaneI’m not sure that your headaches or sensitivity to smells have anything to do with your hair loss. If you’re losing hair due to genetic causes, you should talk to your doctor about finasteride (Propecia) which is a prescription medication, or you can get minoxidil without a prescription. Those are proven hair loss treatments. You’re free to try any other capsules or lotions you want, but I sincerely doubt they will help if you’re experiencing genetic hair loss.

I wasn’t familiar with Novophane, but what little I was able to find about it online is as follows — “Novophane capsules is a complete formula which provides a set of nutrients that favour the production keratin in the nails and hair. For this it contains sulphur amino acids (cistina and metionina), vitamins and trace minerals.

That sounds like meaningless marketing jargon. It contains vitamins and minerals. Great. The Novophane caps don’t contain anything proven to treat MPB. If your loss is due to vitamin deficiency or something else entirely, that’s a different story.

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