I read the item about hair foliclle damage because of lactic acid secretions on the scalp. Well, I was told the same thing, and given a lotion to neutralize the acid. I can confirm this situation does occur when subject to unpresidented levels of stress. When i say stress, stress at such a level I was physically ill with it, for a long period of time. Halucinations etc

One day I notice that my incredibly thick hair was going fine and curly. Finasteride made no difference, and I was shown hairs from my head, that had no outer sheath on them. Also prior to seeking advice the affected area became hot, itchy and greasy- when i was stressed, and this is where the hair follicles have died.

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Lactic acid is not a cause of hair loss. Whatever you read about lactic acid secretions on the scalp causing hair loss is false. I found some message board that talked about it, but I don’t think it went beyond speculation. It wasn’t mentioned in any medical journal that I could find.

Without knowing what dose or how long you took finasteride, I don’t know that I could agree that it “made no difference”. I don’t know enough information to give you anything beyond generalities, but if you’re balding in a pattern, it’s not stress. Stress could be exacerbating the loss, but it’s ultimately your genetics. I wouldn’t expect a “hot, itchy, and greasy” scalp to be normal from stress, and it’s certainly not normal to have hallucinations, no matter how much the stress. You need to seriously see a doctor.

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