After Complete Hysterectomy, My Hair is Falling Out and My Scalp Itches

I am a 54 year old female who had a complete hysterectomy four years ago. eight months ago I started noticing itching on the top of my head then all over my head. I also noticed my hair falling out after washing. it is now much thinner than it was (I had thick hair it is now quite thin). The doctors have said male baldness except it is a loss all over. They say it is hormones (the lack of) but it has been four years and the itching is not a hormone symptom. they say to try dandruff shampoo but it didn’t stop the itch. they checked thyroid and ruled it out even though my numbers were on the low end and my T-3 was a little elevated. they say it is normal. they have now said to try Free and Clear shampoo (perfume free etc.). I just want the itch to stop and my hair to stop falling out. What can this be?

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Women who have hormone shifts like you did with your complete hysterectomy (I assume your ovaries were removed also) will precipitate a diffuse balding process in almost half of the female population that have some genetic propensity for it.

A good examination with bulk analysis and miniaturization studies will confirm this… and it’s something that you should consider if you can find a doctor who does these studies in his/her office.

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