Hello Dr. Rassman,

I know you are skeptical of Dr. Gho and his claims, and you’ve criticized him before here on Baldingblog.

Now a well-known, reputable hairstylist, Grant from Toronto (known as “Scissorboy”) has been treated by Dr. Gho, with the “Hair Stem Cell Transplantation” technique (HST), and he’s released a comprehensive video about the experience, showing Dr. Gho and his assistants actually performing the procedure.

By the way, Grant did not have any kind of severe baldness, only slight frontal recession. But I think the video nonetheless shows, in quite astounding detail, exactly how the procedure works, and exactly what its potential is. And its potential is actually to redouble the number of hair follicles available.

I believe this is a revolutionary procedure based on some real science, and (unfortunately), it may come as such a shock to many hair transplant surgeons in the US, who have been pretty refractory to new ideas.

Please give us your honest and unbridled opinions of the claims and revelations made on this video: Link

Thank you, Dr. Rassman

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I did report on Dr. Coen Gho in a previous post in a less-than-favorable light. My comments on him reflected what appears to be intellectual dishonesty. I have heard Dr. Gho speak publicly, and what he is doing is the classic FUE technique that I pioneered and published in the Dermatologic Surgery medical journal in 2002 (see here).

There is no doubt that the stem cells in the FUE grafted hair probably causes the growth, but his representations that this is anything more than a typical FUE procedure would be improper. I watched the video and saw what I and hundreds of good doctors have been doing for years. Dr. Gho performed an FUE procedure in the video, not a stem cell transplant.

Don’t get me wrong — I love new ideas, science, research, and invention… but in the end, I would like to see the results. Maybe a follow-up video in 6 months would be good, too.

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