Hey doc, been using Propecia for 2 1/2 years its slowed things down a lot, just added Rogaine Foam last week. Just wondering if I can get a straight answer on the effectiveness of Rogaine Foam. The commercial says 85% of men see regrowth, ive heard other people say it only works for 50% of men and then I saw a post from you in your archive where you say it only works well for 15% of men. Well which one is it?

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Rogaine FoamWe are prisoners of our words, so I will stick to what I said.

If you are in the 15% of good responders, then it moves you into the 100% category (playing with numbers, or course). Some people feel that the Rogaine Foam works better than standard liquid Rogaine drops, because it is easier to use and thus better for those who find the drops difficult to titrate. If there are 85% of men that see some growth, I’d estimate that maybe 15% of men see it work very well.

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