In the News – Interview with Hair Club Founder, Sy Sperling

Snippet from the article:

Sy Sperling is more than just the founder and former president of Hair Club, the hair-loss treatment company celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. “I’m also a client,” he says, just as he did decades ago on camera for TV commercials that made the business a household name. Today, Mr. Sperling holds another title— retiree, as he sold the brand he built from the ground up in 2000 to a private-equity firm for $45 million, which sold it in 2005 to publicly traded Regis Corp. for $210 million. But the 70-year-old will be making an appearance this fall—sporting a chestnut brown coif—at Hair Club’s New York City birthplace for an event commemorating the company’s anniversary.

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Read the rest — Hair Club: A Lifeline For the Balding Man

I remember a time where you couldn’t go one day without seeing Sy Sperling on television. The link above contains an interview with Sy where he reveals how he got into the business of selling hair systems, why he’s no longer with the company he founded, and how a professional baseball player helped get the whole business off the ground.

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