Why Do I Have a Lack of Body Hair at 23 Years Old?

Hi Doctors,

I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching online for some relevant information to my question, and let me start by saying that this is a fantastic blog and I am really impressed with the efforts that you have put into it.

I’m a 23 year old male and there is an issue that really annoys me, which is the lack of body hair in general. I am of caucasian background, and all of the males in my immediate and extended families seem to have a health hair growth (body and face). I have always thought it was because I was a late-bloomer, but now I am starting to have doubts that it might actually be because of a hormone imbalance. What do you think I should do? Thanks in advance.

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It is not unusual for men of your age to either have no or little body hair. It may be genetics or it might be hormonal (although this diagnosis rarely is made). I do not have a suggestion for you other than wait and see what the future brings you as you age further.

Believe me, in many ways, I wish I had this problem. I’m not a big fan of shaving my beard every day.

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In the News – Canadian Hair Transplant Clinic Uses Humiliation to Market Their Services

Snippet from the article:

The placement of an ad is critical. If the context is just right it can amplify an ad’s message, but if it’s wrong it can backfire.

Canadian agency, Rethink, may end up somewhere between right and wrong with their latest transit ad for Panorama Hair, a company that specializes in hair transplants. The agency has placed mirrors with the tagline “The Hair Loss Specialists” on transit trains around Canada to give a panoramic view of commuters’ bald spots.

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Read the rest (and see a photo of the ad) — This Cruel Subway Ad Uses Mirrors To Call Out Balding Men

While I’m sure someone thought this would be a clever way to market their services, putting mirrors overhead to let everyone see your bald spot (with an advertisement for treating hair loss) comes across as a little insensitive to the balding men.

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Dr. Rassman Had a Hair Transplant Last Week

A week ago today, I (Dr. Rassman) had a hair transplant done in my crown by Dr. Pak in our Los Angeles office. The experience was very positive and I wanted to share how things went.

For those curious about pain, well, let me tell you… I was given a sedative at the time of surgery (Versed / midazolam) that produces a twilight sleep, which my surgical patients have told me was the best feeling in the world. I now know first hand just how absolutely wonderful the drug is. Whoo! If I was addictively inclined, I could live on that drug. I felt no pain whatsoever and slept for about 2 heavenly hours of the 3 1/2 hour procedure.

I received 640 grafts. My crown was actually thinning in only one area slightly smaller than a silver dollar. My wife pushed me to deal with it because she said, “What type of hair surgeon lives with a bald spot on the back of their head?” I had dealt with this spot like many men by styling it with a comb-back. No one who came to the office ever noticed it until I mentioned it.

I elected to have a strip procedure because:

  1. I had opera tickets for the next night and I did not want any part of my head shaved.
  2. I do not foresee ever shaving my head or buzzing my hair in the future where the scar might be an issue.
  3. I generally do not scar and heal well, as I realized with my 2 previous hair transplants in 1994 (total 1600 grafts back then).
  4. I wanted the most bulk for each graft without any issue of transection from FUE. Of note, Dr. Pak did transplant about 10 to 20 grafts using FUE (FOX test) prior to taking the strip out, but I decided I wanted the strip anyway. He told me that I was strongly FOX positive (which means I would make an excellent FUE case).
  5. It was faster and I walked out without any sign of surgery in less time than I thought FUE might have taken.

My before and after pictures from the day of surgery and four days from the surgery are included below. I will go on record to show everyone the full results in 6-8 months when all of the hair should have grown in.

Before surgery (left) // Immediately after surgery (center) // 4 days after surgery (right). Click to enlarge:


As for activities following the surgery, I went on a 15 mile bike ride at the beach the next day (Saturday) and had brunch with my daughter. Then I went back to work on Monday (3rd day). Of course, talk to your doctor about their recommended aftercare and activities following surgery.

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I Have DUPA That Hasn’t Changed for 8 Years

Hello there Dr.Rassman

I’m a long time reader. basically since the age of 17 i have suffered from diffuse unpatterned alopecia (DUPA) which I’m guessing i inherited from my mother basing on what her hair loss looks like. anyway I am now a 25 year old man and 8 years have passed since i initially noticed the entire scalp thinning including the permanent zone. i feel my DUPA has not been too aggressive as i still have pretty good coverage overall with slight recession. my question is will my hair loss be very gradual or will it speed up soon?

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If it has been stable for the last 8 years, I do not see why it would not continue to be stable a lot longer. But I can not predict the future and the clinical course of patients with DUPA has been poorly documented.

As a professional who may be more aware of this condition than most doctors, I recognize my limitations in both treating it and predicting its course, as we know very little about DUPA. I have tried using finasteride on most of the men with DUPA, but the results are inclusive. Sorry, I wish I could be of more help.

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What Do You Think of LaserComb’s Macro Photos?

Hello Dr. Rassman,

First off – great site and on behalf of everyone, your honesty and integrity is certainly refreshing.

I’m sure you’re sick of the Lasercomb questions by now, but I was wondering if you had a chance to look over the following new macro photos on the Hairmax site.

In order to accentuate the visibility of the results, they actually circle the new hairs that grew as a result of the treatment.

I know one of the previous criticisms of your earlier analysis of the original photos was that the images that you based your assessment on were not high resolution. These macro photos are high resolution and seem to indicate that some growth did occur. Strangely though, there appear to be hairs that existed in the before picture, that are no longer present in the after photos. One might get the impression that there was some ‘selective circling’ going on.

Just looking to get your thoughts.

Much appreciated.

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For those that missed it, I analyzed their “results” photos back in 2006 — Analyzing the Results of the HairMax Laser Comb.

I looked at the link you sent, but I am not willing to make the invested time to analyze it again. Is there selective circling? I don’t know. There’s nothing there that will change my negative opinion of the effects of the laser combs. Sorry!

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Reader Says ACell Plucked Hairs Grew For Him

Saying ACell doesn’t work for hair multiplication is spreading misinformation. Sure, it didn’t work for you. Meanwhile, Dr. Cooley continues to do the procedure on a weekly basis with spectacular results. I am living proof that it works. He implanted over 1000 plucked hairs and most if not all regrew in and behind my hairline. The trick is I still had some hair in the recipient area. What Dr. Cooley has said is that it does not work on completely bald scalps.

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Thanks for sharing. As I’ve written before… as far as I’m aware, no doctor has been able to reproduce the ACell results claimed by Drs. Hitzig or Cooley.

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Taking Propecia and Having a Couple of Alcoholic Beverages

Dr. Rassman,

I have one or two drinks a day on average and also take propecia. Do I need to wait for a period of time after drinking before I take the pill? I don’t want to damage my liver!

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BeerAlcohol and liver damage is well documented. Alcohol can impact your hormones as well, and may slow down the excretion of finasteride from the liver.

Men with liver problems, including liver failure or cirrhosis, should talk to their doctors before taking finasteride. The liver helps to clear finasteride from the body, and finasteride could build up in people with liver problems give you many of the side effects discussed elsewhere on this site.

If you do not have liver disease and you take a 1mg Propecia in the morning, having a couple of drinks in the evening should not be a problem.

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Since You Seem So Skeptical, What Products Are Recommended?


I’ve read a good deal of your responses to many questions and a lot of them are pretty negative about the product they are questioning. I am a firm believer in reality regardless how excruciatingly painful it might be to hear the truth. But I wanted to ask since you seem so skeptical about all the hair products I’ve seen asked about (propecia, proceria, provillus) what do you recommend? Is there any help out there? Or are we just doomed to losing hair?

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I am a big fan of Propecia (finasteride) and minoxidil, as they are FDA approved and proven to treat hair loss. I’ve seen both of them work, with particularly good results from Propecia (finasteride 1mg).

Some medications have minoxidil in them and may work to regrow hair, but if that is the case, I am sure if you look at the costs per dose you might be surprised at how expensive they turn out to be. Since minoxidil is available as an over the counter generic medication, many products include it as the active ingredient with a variety of other vitamins and such that don’t add much besides a new name and higher price.

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Dense Packing a Mohawk?

MohawkI sport a buzzcut and am considering MHT/SMP to disguise my norwood 3/4 hairline. I was just wondering, would a hair transplant surgeon be open to the idea of densely packing grafts into a mohican hairstyle and then filling in the rest with SMP?

I am happy with a buzzcut but having the option of growing a thick mohawk seems great to me. I know it’d look very odd if I left my hair to completely grow out, but so would SMP alone.

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You need to establish a doctor-patient relationship, then ask that doctor if he would go along with your request. I am open to any reasonable ideas and plans, but I look for realistic expectations and will not produce a “fad” that will fix you to an unusual look for the rest of your life.

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Dark Spot Corrector Caused Beard Hair Loss

I used a dark spot corrector on my face and it caused me to experience hair loss in my beard. There was not even any redness only a slight burning sensation. As soon as I felt the burning I washed off the chemicals and noticed my hair was gone. I am extremely self conscious at the moment can you please offer any advise.

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I don’t know what chemical you used. If the hair loss occurred less than 6 months ago, you might still see it return. If it is beyond 6 months, you might seek a hair transplant into the balding spot.

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