Is There Any Link Between Weightlifting and Hair Loss?

I have read your past answers on weightlifting.

I understand that you don’t believe there’s a proven link between hair loss and weightlifting – but do you think there is any risk whatsoever? If there is even a minuscule risk, I’d rather not weight lift.

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There could be a connection if your body increases its testosterone levels in response to prolonged extreme exercise. Most people who exercise normally should not increase their testosterone levels. Some professional weightlifters take steroid-like drugs that accelerate the genetic hair loss process.

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3 thoughts on “Is There Any Link Between Weightlifting and Hair Loss?

  1. What constitutes “prolonged extreame exercise”? 40 minutes a day? 2 hours a day?

    What does “exercise normally” mean, exactly? Is weightlifting not apart of normal exercise?

    The vagueness of the answer has me worried, Doc. I wish you would elaborate further.

  2. how much time or how many years does steroids accelerate the hair loss process? For example, if a person takes steroids at 20 and starts losing hair, does that mean they have accelerated it to 40 yrs of age?

  3. @skyrim I’m guessing the answer is vague because there isn’t a universal reaction to exercise: some people lose hair, some people don’t. Common sense should determine what is ‘extreme exercise’, and that body building to the extent that you are dramatically changing the hormone levels, shape and weight of your body is exactly that. An hour of cardio and lifting weights 3 times a week isn’t going to harm your hair-if anything it might help it by increasing circulation.

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