Can I Shave My Gray Hair and Just Get SMP So It’s Always Dark?

Hello Doctor Rassman, thanks firstly for you great blog.

My question relates to SMP. I know you have mentioned about use of pigment colours depending on hair colour.

But what about someone like me who is gray on the sides and balding on the top…and who wants to conceal not just the balding but also the graying on the sides. Can I completely shave off my head and have black pigments on the sides where there is gray hair growing currently?

Will that hide the graying?

Block Quote

You can certainly shave your head and not worry about the gray hair. While having Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) done on a shaved head is a common approach for many men who wish to maintain the closely cropped look, having this done to the sides of your head just to offset the graying is not a reasonable approach.

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