Can I Have Several Smaller Scars Along Langer’s Lines Instead of 1 Large Linear Scar?

Is it possible for an FUT patient:-

– to have several small (5cms) donor-strip scars rather than the normal one large scar, and would such scars heal better if they followed Langer’s lines?
– to have donor-strip scars incorporated into existing scars (in permanent zone)?
– to have, using your experience and artistry, donor-strip scars with the appearance of naturally-occurring scars: the normal scars that most people receive from the everyday knocks and bumps of an active childhood/adulthood (falling out of trees, falling off bikes, sport injuries, fisticuffs, etc.).

I appreciate that all surgery inevitably leaves scarring and even with the standard of your work some compromise is necessary. But, perhaps like many men, I’m uncomfortable with the thought of having scars that are so obviously due to hair transplant surgery – even though such scars can be covered by wearing longer hair and/or camouflaged by SMP. However, if the scars could be disguised as accident-related scars much of the anxiety of having FUT surgery would be removed and, within reason, any amount of scars would be acceptable.

Thank you.

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Multiple small scars were offered in the past, all placed horizontally in Langer’s lines (the lines in the skin where collagen fibers are naturally oriented). Some were significantly less detectable; however, they may not be very efficient if a lot of hair is needed (as in the Norwood class 6 or 7 patients) and multiple small scars often have some hair loss associated with them.

I frankly do not know of any doctors offering this approach. If for any reason, you are a person that widens scars, this approach would leave your head full of scars.

I had three strip surgeries all in the same place for my balding crown, but only one scar remains that is so small, few can see it. In my situation, having only one scar was the right decision and I did not need Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP), as I did not need to hide what was already hidden.

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