Transplanting Hair from the Back of the Head to the Sides of the Head

Hello Dr. Rassman,

In researching hair transplantation, I have been unable to find an answer to what seems to me to be a pretty basic question: Can donor hair be relocated to the sides of the head? If so, would this be an option for me?

Here is a rundown of my situation: I am not sure what my pattern is, but I have lost a good amount off my hairline and the front 1/4’s of the sides of my head. The back of my head is pretty full, and the back 3/4 of the sides and area beyond the hairline on top are also relatively full.

Thanks so much for all your nice work

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In men, hairs from the back of the head are considered permanent. This is the donor area in hair transplant surgery. You can transplant it anywhere on the body and it should grow. Thus, you can transplant hair from the back to the sides.

As to what you are referring to as “the sides” remains to be seen, as I do not know what you are exactly describing. If you would like a consultation you can always email us at with photos.

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