Is Finasteride Growing Black Vellus Hairs At My Hairline? (with Photos)

Hi Doc,

I’m 22-years-old and have been on finasteride for a little over a year. I had my hair properly examined 4 months ago and the doctor confirmed that finasteride has increased my hair density significantly.

I just noticed little black hairs on my hairline. I’m wondering what they are? I don’t believe I had these hairs when I started treatment. Could these be miniaturized hairs that may eventually turn into terminal hairs? They seem a little dark to be vellus?


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Finasteride 1mg doesn’t usually regrow the frontal hairline or vellus hairs. With that said, everyone has vellus hairs at the hairline, so perhaps you are just noticing them for the first time as you are paying more attention to it? The only real way to tell is if you have a BEFORE photo of the same area, and if your doctor does bulk measurements on your hair. That would prove one way or the other if there is a reduction of hair mass, usually caused by genetic balding.

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  1. No guarantee of anything but that’s how my hairline came back – with about a year or so of filling in darker hairs where the vellus hair had stayed after my recession. After about two years this had turned back into relatively dense coverage. I’m not sure how likely this is at only 4 months on finasteride but you are only 22 which is younger than I first started propecia.

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