Why Don’t Some Men Just Take Propecia At the First Sign of Hair Loss?

Doctor there was a topic about pro hockey player ryan getzlaf.

this is my question:

if ryan getzlaf had taken propecia at the first sign of hairloss, do you think he would still be to where he is today? or is there a good chance he could of of maintained what he had or freezed the hair loss clock by a decade or so?

my other question is: how come alot of people who show the first sign of hairloss dont go on propecia? I mean its proven to work, why not take it? how come they just let the thinning continue? I see alot of celebrities young males and pro athletes who are losing hair, and why not just take propecia? I mean they can afford it.

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Propecia is an elective medication and it is only available after consultation with a physician after a good examination and understanding of its limitations, risks, and benefits. It may not always happen this way, but it should be. Propecia does not necessarily stop hair loss or reverse hair loss completely, but it does work to buy time for most. In the end, your genetic predisposition will eventually catch up and you may lose hair despite being on Propecia. This does not mean the medication is not worth taking or that the medication has stopped working.

Finally, it is not as simple as taking Propecia at the first sign of hair loss. You need to be followed by a doctor who can give you a Master Plan for the hair loss.

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8 thoughts on “Why Don’t Some Men Just Take Propecia At the First Sign of Hair Loss?

  1. so now my other question is why take it when you know no matter what the genes will win? its like throwing money down the drain then, because the loss will still happen, just “maybe” a little longer.

  2. The thing is, if you can save your hair for lets say 10-20 yrs longer wouldn’t you want to do that? Why go bald at an earlier age when you can postpone it. Who knows, by then a cure might be out. I doubt it but you never know. Also, I have known people that have been on the drug for 10-15 yrs who have still maintained their hair. Look at professional hockey player Jose Theodore. He started taking the drug in 2001-2002 and if you look at his hair now, you wouldn’t even think he is going bald (he does have a rather large receding hairline).

    A personal like getzlaf has enough money to get a hair transplant but probably doesn’t want one. He probably already has a beautiful wife who doesn’t care, and millions and millions of dollars to go with it!

  3. I know about jose Theodore, but what if jose was never goign to bald without propecia? I mean he said he took it for preventative only, not becuase he was balding. maybe jose would still have the same amount of hair he has today had he not taken propecia? I could be wrong

  4. Apparently his father is pretty bald but i dont know about his grandfather. In jose’s case, his hairline has receded quite a bit but u cant’t tell because his hair is long.

  5. We don’t know the genes will win. They probably will to some extent but then it’s like saying we’re all going to die so why exercise or eat healthily? Sure you can’t live forever but you want to die 20-30 years earlier? If propecia has shown to work for many men – some still with great results more than 15 years on, why not take it?

    Unless like many celebrities etc – you just don’t care about hair loss (many men don’t care in the slightest). I suggest that men reading this blog won’t fall into that category!

  6. the simple answer, as the person above said, is side effects. you understand DHT and all that stuff has functions, right? why the hell would i harm my body for something like hair?

    now, i’m 30 and no hair loss except thinning from acne meds which is reversing now, but if i go bald, i would rather have a hormonal balance and clean system as opposed to messing with things. Propecia is causing old man problems in young men.

  7. Dude, Finasteride ( propecie or proscar) reduce the amount of DHt in the body, the problem is when you reduce dht, the free testosterone converts to Estrogen so all the problems we have is due to high estrogen, gyno… is made by Estradio ( type of estrogen) and sexuel problems made by Prolactin ( lees testosterone and more estrogen means more prolactin and less dopamine) so when you take Finasteride you better take an AI or a Serm to get back estrogen to normal range and Up no problems, the problem is that people dont want to take more than a hormonal treatmnts or they dont know much about that, so if you have a sexuel/breast problems, try to do a bloodtest and ask a doctor about a Aromatase reducer

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