Doctor there was a topic about pro hockey player ryan getzlaf.

this is my question:

if ryan getzlaf had taken propecia at the first sign of hairloss, do you think he would still be to where he is today? or is there a good chance he could of of maintained what he had or freezed the hair loss clock by a decade or so?

my other question is: how come alot of people who show the first sign of hairloss dont go on propecia? I mean its proven to work, why not take it? how come they just let the thinning continue? I see alot of celebrities young males and pro athletes who are losing hair, and why not just take propecia? I mean they can afford it.

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Propecia is an elective medication and it is only available after consultation with a physician after a good examination and understanding of its limitations, risks, and benefits. It may not always happen this way, but it should be. Propecia does not necessarily stop hair loss or reverse hair loss completely, but it does work to buy time for most. In the end, your genetic predisposition will eventually catch up and you may lose hair despite being on Propecia. This does not mean the medication is not worth taking or that the medication has stopped working.

Finally, it is not as simple as taking Propecia at the first sign of hair loss. You need to be followed by a doctor who can give you a Master Plan for the hair loss.

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