Hey doc, I noticed your blog here presents us with numerous demonstrations of surgeries, where a receding hair line is being restored to a full-blown NW1. However, the impact of surgery on donor area (whether FUT or FUE) has drawn me to weigh the benefits of smaller improvements.

But I don’t remember seeing here any pictures of patients who could easily (graft-wise) afford a Norwood 1 transformation, but have chosen a minimalistic path (for example, going from a Norwood 3 to a 2 or simply increasing the width of the forelock a bit to eliminate the steepness of its shape). Such visual representations will surely educate us about our options with surgery.

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I’m sure we’ve posted examples of patients that didn’t want a fully restored hairline on this site in the past, and I know there have been plenty of men who have had surgery for a “minimalistic” path. A patient must give us permission before publishing their pictures, so we’re only able to post those that have given their consent. Not every patient wants their photos shown to others.

There are comprehensive before / after pictures in our NHI photo galleries that will show various examples of hairline restoration.

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