The left side or my hairline is thinning and so is the middle. Im only 20 years old (male) and balding doesnt happen this early in my family. This happened REALLY SUDDEN (I keep a grade one haircut most of the time so I would noticed).

I have been using a product called Doo Gro and it burned the back of my head and gave me weird headaches. I stopped but started using it again and one day I felt a tingle/burning in my left temple where I applied the product. I plan on stop using it for good if I see improvements. Could this have triggered MPB to start early?

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I couldn’t tell you if this kickstarted your genes. This is an over the counter product, but if the problem persists I’d see a dermatologist. I don’t know anything about it from personal experience, but if the product is causing burning sensations on your scalp and even headaches… I’d stop using it immediately.

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