FUE Failures Continue to Happen

Last week, I met with a patient who had two follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures at a clinic, but came to see me to find out why his grafts hadn’t grown in. After an examination, I’d estimate that 90% of the grafts did not grow. The patient told me that his surgeon thinks there might be a problem with his skin, but I told him the real problem was the doctor couldn’t deliver what he was supposed to give him with a good survival.

In another conversation on the same day, I called one of the most prominent hair transplant surgeons in North America about another issue. Our conversation drifted to FUE failures, and he named three doctors who are FUE promoters whose patients have been in his office because of high failure rates. I know about these same three doctors. There are no secrets to the community of skilled and honorable surgeons of who are the unreliable doctors; however, I can not come out with their names publicly here or I would be the subject of a slander lawsuit. I can only be vague, which I know isn’t always the most helpful, but I needed to post something.

I’m disappointed that I can’t name names, because I know that many patients will be harmed by those less-than-honorable doctors. All I can do is continue to post about what you should do to become a more knowledgeable shopper — research the doctor you choose, ask to meet with his/her patients so you can see the results in person, and remember that this is a surgery that will be with you for the rest of your life (for better or worse).

See this post for more about FUE failures.

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2 thoughts on “FUE Failures Continue to Happen

  1. Could you write to a newspaper or investigative journalist and name them? As a public health/rip-off merchant they could be publicly named and shamed.

    It seems to be a sad state that the most inadequate doctors are often the most skilled in hiring PR and lawyers.

  2. Dr Armani is one of these punks. He gave me 5000 grafts into frontal hairline and only about 20% grew. He’s got something coming to him for sure

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