Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and Anesthesia

I called a few clinics doing SMP and there seems to be various approach in terms of anesthesia for SMP into a scar. Some don’t give anything, others say they apply an anesthetizing cream an other give injections. Which is the best approach to reduce any discomfort to a minimum ? I would not do it without any anesthesia and I am not sure applying a cream is enough. Can you comment ?


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A topical cream anesthetic might work on other parts of the body where skin absorbs the medication (like your mouth), but it does not necessarily work as well on thick skin and scalp. Many tattoo parlors use numbing cream, but I do not believe it would work well on the scalp.

Some places that offer SMP do not provide any medication, because they are non-medical clinics, and do not have a licensed physician that can administer the medication.

In our practice, we use local anesthesia so there is no pain or discomfort. We also offer light sedation and laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to minimize any discomfort or anxiety.

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