Bride-to-Be Received SMP Before Her Wedding to Cover Her Thinning Scalp (with Photos)

This patient is getting married soon and wanted her hair to look thicker quickly for her upcoming June wedding date. She was very concerned about not looking her best and wore her hair up (in a sort of bun) every time she went out to cover her thinning scalp. She could not imagine wearing her hair up in a bun for her wedding, and her husband-to-be preferred her to let her hair down. She came to us to have Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) done, and she was then able to take her hair out of the bun and walk around with the hairstyle of her choosing.

SMP is an excellent treatment for thinning hair and she saw results the day she started the process. That is the best part of this process — the speed of seeing results, most times on the very first visit.

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5 thoughts on “Bride-to-Be Received SMP Before Her Wedding to Cover Her Thinning Scalp (with Photos)

  1. I don’t think the “before” and “after” pics are fair; the hair in the “before” images is wet, and wet hair clumps up together and shows more scalp, giving the impression of being thinner than it is when dry. The hair in the “after” pics is dry. To make it fair both sets should’ve have been taken dry or wet.

  2. Not only this; the lightning conditions are different in each set, favouring – of course – the after photos.

  3. The purpose of the post-SMP photos is to show “real life” coverage (as she would do for her wedding or any daily event), not to wet the hair down and hire a professional photographer to simulate the pre-procedure lighting. as the pre-SMP photos suggest, she had suboptimal coverage before the SMP procedure (otherwise she would not have sought the procedure). I think the photos serve their purpose very nicely.

  4. Unless the lady in the pictures was a paid model we have to assume she paid Dr Rassmans clinic to have the procedure done and was happy enough with the results to have the photos taken. Customer satisfaction is probably more important.

    Complaining about the pictures is a little like saying a hair transplant patient must shave their hair off when they have regrowth so we can see every follicle in its place. Surely with cosmetic procedures we want to know if a decent result is possible.

  5. I think the pictures are great . I have extreme hair loss due to PCOS and hormones being beyond out of control. For several years I had no ideal the effects of PCOS,insulin resistance and excess testostorone on my hair but, once I started on metformin and began my journey of changing my diet and exercise routine I could see my hair growing back. I can say it has been 8 months since I have been trying all my medications etc. But I would try this above method if I could because my results stress me out so bad. They ae not fast enough, I want to be able to be comfortable enough to be around my fmily and friends this Christmas without worryin about them taking pictures. The thing that really stands out the most in the above pics to me is not wet hair or lighting it is the pride in her eyes. It is the lack of confidence and the embarrassed look in the before pics and the smile she has in the after pics. For me that is what speaks volumes because, I have seen that sad look myself everyday when i wash and dry my hair and try without success to make my hair look fuller. To the Bride Congrats!!!

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