Doctor, I was thinking of something today. Females lose hair genetically too like female pattern baldness, but how come its not as common like men to lose hair? I mean there are females with bald fathers, grandfathers, uncles and brothers, but they never lose hair genetically?

If a man has so many bald relatives, there is a strong chance he will lose hair too, but the women tend to still keep their hair when the men in their family are all bald. Is it the estrogen that protects the hair?

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There is no evidence that estrogen protects women from developing hair loss in the standard male patterns. The reason for female pattern baldness is not well understood.

Male pattern baldness is just what it says — it is a male problem and it occurs in patterns that can be visually seen, as graded on the Norwood scale. Women with genetic hair loss do not generally develop patterned balding, or if they do, the patterns do not usually follow the Norwood scale for men. Genetic hair loss in women, also called female androgenic alopecia, can at times be seen in a pattern that is graded on the Ludwig scale. Other times, the hair loss is diffuse.

Fortunately for men, finasteride is a good medication… but for women, the only decent medication is topical minoxidil.

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