Am I Balding — And If So, What is My Norwood? (with Photos)

Hi Dr. Rassman.

First of all thank you for taking the time to post here, it has been an invaluable source of information for me regarding hairloss, and is much appreciated.

Secondly, could you please take a look at my included photographs (you may publish these if you wish) and give me an approximation of my hairloss?

My hairline has definitely changed since I was a juvenile as I had a freckle on my original hairline which has moved higher since my childhood. In some photographs the hairline looks ok, but in others when I pull back the hair you can see some corner/temple recession.

I was just wondering if I was still in the bounds of Norwood 2/mature hairline category or if my hair exceeds this? The density is pretty good on top.

I am 32 years of age. Thanks

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Click the photos to enlarge:


People sure are sending in some blurry, poor quality photos lately. Regardless, thanks for letting me publish these.

You have early changes consistent with a mature hairline, or a Norwood class 2. If you are concerned, see a doctor who will be able to examine you in person, map your scalp for miniaturization, and provide hair bulk analysis to give you a better sense of your hair loss (or lack thereof).

At 32 years old with a strong hairline and good density on top, you probably don’t have much to be concerned about, though.

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3 thoughts on “Am I Balding — And If So, What is My Norwood? (with Photos)

  1. Im the sender of the photos, thanks for publishing them. Dave, I can assure you I’m no troll.

    My hairline has definitely moved since I was younger, I have a mole which could not be seen before as it was hidden by the hair, and now can be seen quite clearly. There are definite changes at the corners, and while I realise Im lucky with how things are everyone at some point was looking at their corners wondering if they should do something about it or not.

  2. That’s not trolling. It’s a young guy who’s reached the age where a mature hairline has obviously set in and eroded away from a juvenile hairline but was clearly worried it pertained to a balding condition. I have a lot of friends in that position. They see so many film stars and musicians with a juvenile hairline into their 30s and older and they are obviously worried. But I think its good they can be reassured they have no real balding. The guy in these photos obviously has a different hairline than at 15 but looks very good for a guy in his 30s. As Dr Rassman says probably not going to go bald now but I wouldn’t call the poster a troll just because he’s not clearly bald. Lucky guy who was concerned and can now go on without the worry of balding.

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