Copper Peptides For My Itchy Transplant Scar?

I used minoxidil with no alcohol. Have had 3 transplants with a scar revision. My scalp periodically itches with dry skin flaking off. The scar line also itches at times. I typically use copper peptide solutions. You briefly commented once they can reduce redness after a surgery, but I do get a soothing effect if I apply the product to help the itching

1. Have your thoughts changed at all on copper peptides?
2. Do you they promote hair growth versus some soothing scalp effect?

Thanks Doc

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1. In my practice, I use a copper peptide shampoo for the first week as an option for hair transplant patients. My practice and thoughts on copper peptides is not new or different.

2. It does not promote hair growth nor does it provide much soothing effect on itchy scalp. I do know that minoxidil can cause scalp irritation (even without any alcohol).

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