My Body Hair Has Become Finer Since I Dyed My Scalp Hair Years Ago

Hi doc, i am 17 years old now and i know this sounds completely crazy but years ago i dyed my hair and now its gone thin and flat and lighter, but before i dyed my hair i used to have very thick body hair as well around my legs, chest and face.

But now my body hair has become so much finer like my head hair is. I am just wondering if there is any correlation between this, because i dyed my head hair and my body hair has become finer to match my head hair? i cannot even grow a full beard anymore like i used to be able to it is really weird.

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You had a full beard at 17 years old? What you’re seeing is probably more of a coincidence rather than a correlation. Dyeing the hair does not usually cause thinning, particularly if it was done on the scalp and the loss is seen on your body.

If you are concerned about hair loss and changes to your body hair, you need to see a doctor for an examination. Maybe it is hormone related. Maybe you have an diagnosed medical condition. Anything is a possibility, but the hair dye is not likely the issue.

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