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My 5yr old son had a staph infection in his scalp .. It left a bald spot on scalp. My concern is will his hair grow back in that area.

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It generally take up to one year to assess if hair will grow back in an area that has been traumatized.


Hi Dr. Rassman , Please help me on this one .
I have been taking Plant Sterols 1000 MG. siad to contain 375 MG Beta Sitosterol per Tablet … combined with Generic Finasteride 1 MG. every DAY !

My Question is :
Can I combine the two i.e. Plant sterols and Propecia ( Finasteride )? Will that Harm my Health in anyway ? as Both are known to Lower DHT , so will that very Low DHT cause some imbalance in my Body ? Please Advice .

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Let’s be reasonable here. You know better than to ask personal health and medication questions on the Internet. You really need to see your doctor for these issues. I am not your doctor and cannot give you medical advice. Baldingblog is a not a place to check for medication interactions.

Beta-sitosterol is a substance found in plants and I am sure you can find plenty of information on the Internet.
Propecia (finasteride 1mg) is a medication that needs to be prescribed by your doctor for the treatment of androgenic alopecia.

I personally am not too familiar with the use of Beta-sitosterol and it’s interaction with other medications. So I would defer this to your doctor.


We are seeing more and more problems with Scalp Micropigmentation in our office from other facilities that offer SMP. These services are not only offered by inexperienced doctors, but also many tattooists have entered the business because there is money to make. What we are seeing are blotches of pigments, not microdots as we do. Where we might spend over 20 hours doing a full head, these facilities do it in a few hours. Clearly, this it is not an apples to apples comparison. Blotches on the scalp that everyone can see are deforming. Even if they are hidden below the hair, they can be seen in bright light when you go outdoors and just don’t look good. Many doctors are just addressing the scars from previous strip surgeries and as most of these scars are hidden by hair so the blotchy work may not show up unless the person goes swimming, takes a shower and is intimate with another person. Just because it is done by a doctor or in a doctor’s office, does not mean that it will meet the standard of care that we have established. Many doctors hire a tattooist or cosmetologist with no training in SMP just because they know how to do a tattoo. Many of the pigments they use turn green so that they stand-out even more. Would you like a green head?

There are temporary tattoos which seem to be adopted by many doctors and tattooists. Although these tattoos last only two years or so and they fade over these two years, the temporary nature of the tattoo means that constant touch-ups are needed. The temporary SMP pigments have been adopted by doctors usually unskilled in the art, so they know that their bad work will eventually fade. As they get their money ‘up-front’ they pass the problem to their patients for the two years that the ink remains on this scalp.

Be sure to ask to see the patients of those people who you are considering when you interview the provider for the SMP services you are going to get. Seeing their patients and looking at them in a discriminate manner, will tell you all you need to know. We still have open house events every month and you can meet many of our SMP patients and see the quality of the work that has become the world’s standard of care.

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“Men who engage in a high level of physical activity report better erectile and sexual function regardless of their race”. The study seems to cross all racial groups (March 20 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine). The threshold seemed to point to at least 2 hours of strenuous exercise such as running or swimming, 3.5 hours of moderate exercise, or 6 hours of light exercise.


“A new study reported that children exposed to their parents’ smoking may have a higher risk of developing heart disease in adulthood than those whose parents didn’t smoke. Findings from the study are published in the Journal Circulation.

The research included childhood exposure to parental smoking in 1980 and 1983 and testing with carotid ultrasound data in adulthood was collected 2-25 years later. Blood cotinine levels were collected and frozen in 1980. In households where the parents did not smoke, the cotinine levels were less. Carotid plaques, a major cause of stroke in adulthood was nearly double when one or two parents smoked.

It is clear that parents who smoke expose their children to the risk of possible early strokes. Considering that the study only went 25 years from childhood, I would suspect that the incidence of stroke will significantly increase as more years are studied in these families.

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According to the article in Circulation, March 18 “Most US children start life with optimal cardiovascular health (CVH), but it declines substantially over time.

“Our findings indicate that, in general, children start with pretty good blood pressure. But if they have a horrible diet, it will drive a worsening body mass index (BMI) and cholesterol levels,” senior author Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, MD, said in a news release. Dr Lloyd-Jones is professor of preventive medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. “The better we can equip our children to make healthy choices, the more cardiovascular health will be preserved into adulthood. And those who preserve their heart health into middle age live much longer and are much healthier while they live,” he added.

I remember a study where autopsies were done on Korean war dead. The finding, to the best of my memory, was that there was advanced cardiac atherosclerosis in most of them (most under the age of 21). When correlated with more modern times, a new study “shows that the rate of American service members with signs of coronary artery disease has declined sharply in the last half century, falling to roughly 1 in 10 military personnel today from about 8 in 10 during the Korean War. The findings came as a surprise to some researchers, who expected that the nationwide rise in obesity and Type 2 diabetes, including among young people, might have led to a similar trend in heart disease in the military. But instead it appears that national reductions in other risk factors for heart disease, like hypertension, smoking and high cholesterol, have had a greater effect on cardiovascular health.”

What is the lesson here. Start your children with a conscious focus on a proper, healthy diets. It may not be reversible if they eat poorly for years, so the best gift you can give your children is the gift of a good diet and hopefully a long life.


Hi Doc, Here is an interesting msg I ran into in Craigslist, a guy who is job hunting, might be good for the blog sfo Help! I am bald and cannot get a job! “Recently, people interviewing me have been staring at my bald head. I used to have a receding hairline (a la George Costanza) so I keep my hair shaved bald now. Nobody used to stare before, now they do a lot. I notice that a lot of IT guys are bald and does not seem to keep them from getting hired. Am I being discriminated as a bald (I mean “follically challenged”) man because people in sales/marketing are supposed to be cool looking (unlike IT nerds) so they are not hiring me because of my looks? Should I do the hair transplant thing? I always thought that the bald-shaved look was cool, sort of like the no-collar shirts used to be.

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Myths exist about men with hair loss reflect the superficial nature of our society which judges a “book by its cover’. These myths, at times, cut deep into the psychology of our culture. About 9 years ago, I ran a radio talk show called “The Inner Man”. It ran an hour once a week. We covered many subject from sex to religion and became fairly popular because of the controversial subject material. One show, in particular, discussed discrimination targeting bald men. The switchboard went crazy with many call-in listeners. I remember one man who called in and told us that he was a Vice President of Sales for a very large company and he was very bald himself. Then he told me that generally bald men can’t be trusted and he never hires balding men because of that. As a bald many, he must have known something about himself with that comment because it made no sense, particularly in his case.

The image of trusting men by their appeearance, however, is common issue in politics. Full header hairy men win more elections than balding me across the nation. Every elected president after Eisenhower, has had a full head of hair and many pundits infer that men with a full head of hair are trustworthy. That is not to say that a bald man is not trustworthy, but prejudices go back centuries. Women, for example, have preferred full haired men well before the 1900s because men who lost their hair often had some disease like tuberculous, making them undependable marriage candidates because they may die early leaving them with children and no support. Although tuberculous is uncommon today and we understand that balding is a genetic condition that has nothing to do with health in 99%.9 of men, but the cultural hangovers of history probably left a mark through our present time.

From what my patient’s tell me, I can assume that getting hair back, produces a man who is more self confident. I have heard this from men who have made it in their careers after I have restored their hair, particularly those who eventually became successful actors (we are in Hollywood so we get a fair number of actors). I remember an African American who wanted to be America’s first black president and believed he could not do it without hair on his head. I have heard these stories for the 24 years I have been in practice and those who have had their hair restored have reported that this surgery and this change in their appearance was a milestone in the development of successful careers. Hair does bring: freedom from the fear of the unknown, freedom from the fear of looking older, and a general feeling of more confidence for the man we all see in the mirror

What should you do? the above poster asked. Clearly this is an issue for him. He should become educated about hair restoration as the first step he might consider. He could come to one of our Open House events as he is in Southern California and he can meet many of the men who have had their hair put back back and ask them the questions he asked on Craigslist. He should research the internet and the many forums that address hair loss. He should interact with the community through social networks. He might find the answer by probing the world around him.


There is little doubt that the ARTAS robotic System is less stressful for the surgeon than than the manual Folliclar Unit Extraction (FUE). Some of our patients are driven by the technology as we have seen some of them ask for the ARTAS robotic system. We offer both the manual and the ARTAS FUE for our patients at the exact same price of $8/graft at this time. From a quality perspective, both techniques are identical. We have been doing FUE since the mid-1990s, so we are pretty good at it. The manual FUE in Dr. Pak’s hands is a faster procedure when compared to the ARTAS system making for a shorter surgery.

Please comment in our comment section and ask more questions about these two FUE procedures. If we are doing an ARTAS FUE on the day you visit us, ask if you can see it in action and if the patient agrees to allow visitors, we will let you observe the ARTAS in action. For more about the ARTAS robotic system go here:


This patient with frontal balding (Class 3A pattern) had surgery 4 days ago. He has black hair and white skin, making the grafts very obvious, but as I always tell my patients, keep their hair long so that they could get good camouflage for the grafts, and so that is what these photos of a fresh hair transplant show. The hair already gut pushed out a bit so it looked like the hairs were growing. Note, at 4 days, there are no scabs present and this is typical of our patients because of our special focus on keeping the blood from building up during the surgery and after the surgery in the post operative special washing instructions are followed carefully by each of our patients.




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Before this was done, I stayed home all of the time. Now I can go out and even went to a few parties. I felt really good about myself.

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This is the type of reaction we hear all of the time. Scalpmicropigmentation changes the lives of patients as much or even more than a hair transplant and it cost less and appears almost immediately, unlike a hair transplant that takes about 6 months to grow. Long hair or a shave head is a patient’s styling choice.




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