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Side Effects of Taking Propecia With the Condition Seborrheic Dermatitis

Was wandering if there would be any side effects of taking Propecia with the condition seborrheic dermatitis?

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that cause flaky skin/ scalp. It has nothing to do with genetic hair loss.
Propecia is a drug for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. It has nothing to do with a skin condition such as seborrheic dermatitis. Many patients with seborrheic dermatitis take Propecia without issues.


My Hair Fell Out After Taking Vitamin D and Primrose Oil

One month back I had a MRI Contrast – Pelvis done; also sono mammography. All were normal except I have Uterine Fibroids as well as fibroids in my breast. Also I was found to have Vitamin D Deficiency. So, doctor prescribed DV 60K (Vit D3 capsules) one capsule two days in a week and Primrosa 1000 – thrice daily. Within 2-3 days of taking this medicine; I found that my hair was falling in bunches, right from the scalp. I immediately stopped these medicines thinking the effect
would be reversed. But there is no relief. Even after nearly one month my hair is still falling in bunches. My hair has become very thin and limp. Can you please help ?

I highly doubt 2 day of taking vitamin D or primrose oil will impact hair. I would think stress factors and chronic medical illness (such as fibroids and vitamin deficiencies) over a long period (months) of time would be more of a factor. These are just my thoughts and you should definitely address your issue with your doctor. I don’t think stopping medication on your own is a smart idea.


Severe Ingrown Hair and Hair Loss Due to Staples In Scalp

About 12 years ago I was attacked with a frozen budice beer bottle to the back of head. Last year my hair came out due to cancer/kidney issues. Top middle back of head has continued to give me problems. I seem to have deep rooted around my head ingrown hairs. I only have hair on one side (right). Its been going on 2 years. Hair starts to come back then get knotted twisted by ears middle in back bottom of back. The little hair knots freaking move. I had long hair to my waist then. I look kike (feel like) a circus clown gone bad. Please help me. Im 44

You might have a foreign body, such as staples, left in your scalp. You should see a doctor to have them removed if that is the situation. If there is a scar or hairs growing in odd directions, you can consider seeing a hair transplant doctor for options. What you are describing does require a specialist so you can go back to your days of long hair, if that is what you want.


Not Hair Loss News- Alzheimer’s Test Can Predict The Disease Years In Advance

Researchers reported that the beta amyloid protein can be detected on an eye examination using fluorescent tags either in the lens or the retina of the eye. It was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias® (AJA). It is thought that this test can predict the disease decades in advance of its appearance. In another study, a change in behavior can alter the outcome. The type of changes include a proper diet, exercise, and stressing the brain with brain games. These simple things can positively impact and slow the disease.


Not Hair Loss News – How Much Does a Prostatectomy Cost?

The answer to this questions was written up in Medscape General Surgery, a publication for physicians. Doctors generally do not know the real total costs of a surgical treatment, so this article educates the doctor. The total cost of such an operation runs between $135,000 to a low of about $10,000. The doctors fees range from a low of $4000 up to about $19,000. Much of this is paid by insurance; however, this may not be the case. Medicare pay up to 80% of a pre-approved fee which may be far less than the hospital charges as is the case for the doctors. What the problem is that no one knows what it should cost and if you are a person without insurance, the full fee will be charged to you without a discount. That would break the bank of most folks, so if you find yourself in this situation for any hospitalizations (not just prostate surgery), be sure to negotiate with both the hospital and the doctor or you could pay far more than you need to. Since hospitals negotiate with every insurance company, they will, when forced, negotiate with you. The good news for the uninsured is that hospitals and doctors will negotiate price.
surgery cost


Why Is It So Hard to Kill A Hair Follicle?

Hello doctors. Thank you for the very informative blog! I have two questions.

First, why is hair so hard to get rid of hair on the body? There are lasers, waxing, and numerous other methods to remove hair. However, hair seems so resilient.

Second, I noted on this blog several times that if a hair is pulled enough times, eventually it stops coming back. What is the exact cause for the hair to die after being pulled out numerous times?

Thanks you for your time!

It’s a cruel joke by our creator. If you want the hair removed, it is very difficult. If you want the hair replaced it is also very difficult.

It is difficult to permanently remove, kill the hair because you need to ablate the hair follicle all the way down to its full depth of between 5-8mm. Merely pulling out the hair or zapping it with a laser is not enough particularly on body hair where most of the hair that is in the skin is in its telogen phase and therefore does not show. Lasers work by delivering heat / light energy to a hair root that is dark thus damaging the follicle cells that generate hair. But if the hair is in its telogen (resting) phase, it will not be present to treat it. Too much heat will cause burns on the skin (especially if you have dark skin). So it is not an easy one step task particularly on body hair.
hair cycle
If you pull the hair enough times, each pull causes incremental damage (trauma) to the follicle and it will eventually cause the follicle not to produce hair.


Will I find 3000 Hairs In My Hat After I Take It Off After a Month?

Does the average person really lose 100-150 scalp hairs daily or is this just a myth?

If i was to wear a beanie hat for 30 days would i then find 3000-4500 hairs inside the hat after i take it off?
pile of hair

Let’s talk hair physiology. assuming you are an average Caucasian male with a typical hair count of 100,000 hairs on your head, and your hair cycles every three years and the telogen cycle is 3 month, then simple match brings us to 100 hairs per day go into telogen while another 100 hairs per day regrow to replace the telogen hairs. If you cycle is two years, not three years, then the number of hair lost per day will be 50% higher, on average. Hair cycles in each of us and the length of the cycle varies by age, genetics, health and possibly slightly by seasons. Now do the math on wearing your hat for 30 days and you can determine your hair cycle.


FUE Infection On My Scalp What Should I Do?

I would like to share my concern with you and could you please explain why is this happening and what is the solution. I have had an FUE transplant done on me. After the first week of my transplant I started to use minoxidle. But recently(two weeks back) I start noticing some irritation on my scalp and small pimples started to appear on my scalp. Could you please explain to me if this is normal in some cases or should I go see the doctor. Also i would like to know if I should avoid using minoxidle for now until my scalp heals. I am also attaching picture for the reference. Thank you.

You obviously invested a significant amount of time and money to have an FUE surgery. You need to see your doctor for a follow up. Your photo of your scalp doesn’t look right and my guess is that it probably is a significant infection! It should not look like that after surgery. Please call your doctor.


Is It Safe to Father a Child While on Dutasteride (Avodart)?

I know this question has been asked before, however, it seems it hasc been quite a while since last asked. Is it safe to father a child while on Dutasteride? Specifically, I’m talking about conception, while utilizing a condom for the duration of the pregnancy? I would assume some information regarding this would have been seen by now, since Dutasteride has been FDA approved for quite some time.
Personally, I take dutasteride once a week and use Finasteride for the
remainder of the week.

We don’t usually endorse the use of Dutasteride for hair loss due to this type of issue on male fertility and fathering a child. There are some discussions of male infertility with dutasteride, but these are not scientifically presented in a clinical study. I am not aware of any studies that pertain to conception while on Dutasteride. I suspect that Dutasteride, like Finasteride, is not found in sperm in any significant quantity, The absence of good scientific and clinical studies is is probably one of the many reasons why FDA has not approved its use for hair loss in men. I don’t think it has much to do with using condoms after your partner conceives. It’s more about conceiving while on the drug. With Finasteride, I am unaware of any reports of abnormalities in children who were conceived with the man on Finasteride and considering the many millions of men who have used this drug over the past decade or so, I would imagine if it were a problem, the ‘law suit’ nature of our society would have brought them forward by now.


My Hair Loss is Different at the Front Corner Temples

I am a 30 years old male, I found my two temple peaks are different, one is gradually disappearing, i had quite thick temple peak before, but only one side of the temple peak receding/disappearing, is that normal? The disappearing side has actually had some receding in temple as well, but not that obvious, so does that mean one side temple receding will cause its temple peak receding? Cheers

The bad news is that you may be in the process of losing hair in a classic male hair loss pattern.
The good news is that hair loss in the temple peaks will likely even out as it recedes. Temple peak recession does not necessarily follow male pattern balding in the classic sense.
If you’re concerned please see a doctor for an exam and possible ways to correct it with surgery if it bothers you enough.


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