I want to be an actor and I think that I am balding (photo)

Money is not a problem if I need a hair transplant. Can you transplant me so that I can keep my youthful look which is critical to my acting career if my balding keeps going?

Money may be your greatest enemy as some doctors will want to take your money and not look to your future welfare. What you need is a Master Plan with a good doctor. You can expect to develop a mature hairline in the next few years and this is not balding.  I generally recommend that you start off with HAIRCHECK instrument test that will tell you if there is ANY early balding. If the test is positive for early balding that the eye can not see, then you will need a medication protocol to slow or stop the balding. Hair transplants are NOT an option for men of your age as the future balding pattern, if you are balding, does not show up until you get into your 20s and can’t really be predicted until you are at least 25, so a Master Plan for the balding person must take into account the progressive nature of hair loss and how far the balding will go because for hair transplant treatments, the donor supply is finite (limited) and it must be used judiciously so that you never have a half finished look (like running out of paint if you painted your car so that the car will never be normal looking).

18 - am I balding

Having a baby on finasteride

I have been on Propecia for the last 3 years and it’s worked well. It has come to a stage where I would like to have a child with my wife. I have been researching for answers about effects of Propecia whilst conceiving on the internet and although there are many answers stating that it’s safe to carry on taking whilst trying to conceive, I am still unsure and not convinced. In the end I would not want to jeopardize the health of the child. May I ask, if I was to halt taking Propecia, how long should I wait to be sure that it is completely out of my system and that the sperm count and morphology would be completely back to normal?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are millions of men on this drug and I don’t believe that there is any report of the defect that is known if women took the drug. Also the semen levels are very, very low and the drug really impacts the growing fetus in the first trimester.  Most of the warnings are medical-legal ones.  The drug fixes to tissues in the body and this tissue fixation lasts about 1 week. If there are sperm reductions, it could take up to 6 months for this to reverse, probably less.

I am 20 years old, can I now have a hair transplant?

The answer is no, you cannot have a hair transplant.  I also always perform bulk measurements with an instrument called HAIR CHECK which is a good way to determine just how much thinning you have that you cannot see. Once this test is done and you have gone a year, I often repeat the test as it gives an excellent measurement on what happened to your hair over the year. If it got better and some of the thinning reversed, maybe you won’t need a transplant and that is the goal that you should look to do. Of course, a good doctor is critical to this course.

20 year old want HT


Two pictures of my hairline are 5 years apart, what is happening to me? (photo)

The two pictures are when I was 13 years old and I’m and 18 girl. My hairline shape is changing. Should I be worried about this?

The 18 year old picture needs better quality, but it does look like the shape is changing. This is not uncommon. I studied children from the age of 5 (both boys and girls) and saw rounded hairlines if preadolescent children change in both boys and girls as they got well into their teens.  The rounded hairline when you were 13, has flattened out now and that is very common and normal. If you think that you are losing hair, then see a hair doctor.

juvenile hairline2evolved hairline 18

Am I balding? (photos)

I am now 26 years-old and seem to be losing ground on my hair since I was 17 years old. My father and my two brothers have a full head of hair so I have been denying that I am losing hair. I need to know if this can be fixed.

Yes, it does look like you are balding as your frontal hairline is distinctly receded and eroding.  A hair transplant can restore it. If you pulled back your hair and your eyebrows are lifted high so that your forehead creases, the proper place of the hair line is one finger breadth above the highest crease. I believe that you will see that your crease is probably at least two finger breadths above the highest crease. A hair transplant would certainly put your hair back to where it normally would be as shown in another patient to the right of your picture. This was a patient I found in my library who looked just like you looked at 17 after his hair transplant.

17 and 26