13 Year Old’s Crown Hair is Shorter Than the Rest of the Scalp

the hair in my crown area is short, not bald but shorter than the rest of my hair. everything else is fine. im only 13 and i dont want to be bald, especially at this age.

is there something wrong with me? and if there is how can i fix it?

I have yet to see a healthy 13 year old bald young man, but I can’t say if there’s something wrong with you. We haven’t established whether what you’re seeing is actually even hair loss. Perhaps you had a bad hair cut? Sometimes if you look at yourself in the mirror or woke up from sleep with bed-hair, your crown area can look thin. This does not mean you are balding. I’d give it some time and let the hair on your crown grow longer.

You should see a doctor for a mapping of your scalp and hopefully the examination will not show miniaturization in the crown. Get your parents involved and let them know what you’re going through. It could just be that you’re looking for something that isn’t there.

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