17 Year Old with Early Hair Loss and Every Member of His Male Family Had Advanced Balding

My father lost his hair in his early 20s, and nearly all the males in my family are bald or balding. This can’t be normal, I refuse to believe that other teenage boys who are not experiencing AGA go through something like this.  What are your thoughts? And when you started shedding hair, did it actually progress to visible hairloss?

If all of the male members of your family have extensive hair loss, it is likely you will follow that course. The use of oral Minoxidil or Finasteride might slow down the course of the process, something that your father and grandfathers might not have tried when they experienced the balding process. I would strongly recommend that you get a HAIRCHECK test to establish a baseline so that you can follow the hair loss with a good measurement. You can repeat this test yearly to determine the effectiveness of the treatment you select. Find a doctor who has this instrument as I believe it is critical for you to know what is happening to you over time.

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