About two months ago..I used procede to thicken my hair. I used the patch test on my arm but the results were a horror. I used the solution on election day night. It started to burn my head and it was so intense that I ran for a cold shower followed by placing my head in the refrigerator. When the burning stopped I washed and rinsed my hair out and went to bed. The next morning I found my hair on my pillow in clumps. Prioe to this experience i had hair but it was thinning. I used monoxidil and had success for five years. I guess that I just wanted more hair. I went to a hair system which was bonded to my scalp but I could not stand the glue so I use the hair piece with a tape that comes off with alcohol. I find that I can look OK. The piece and the other systems are close to 4,000 bucks. I wasn’t a candidate for a transplant these last months since I had burning from that procede. I think a hair system is OK but needs a daily washing…I have no odor. I miss my hair and am thinking about a transplant in the future. Also my hair is growing strange..more like spikes. I wish that Procede was off the market but it still exists. This ordeal was such a bad experience that I dream of it. Hoping to also use my body hair.

Sorry if this is a look message. But this experience I wanted to share with others .

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It sounds like you had some allergic reaction to something in ProCede. I am certain that this type of reaction can occur with any topical therapy. The more ‘stuff’ that is in the formulation, the higher the likelihood that this diagnosis may be correct. It doesn’t sound like you’re eager to use it again, but my best advice would be to stay away from this treatment, for the next reaction may be worse.

Hair systems (the nice term for a wig) will run a risk of further damage to your hair. I would strongly recommend that you get a good examination by a competent doctor to establish a baseline as to where you are now (with respect to miniaturization) and over time repeat the examination. You need a working relationship with a competent doctor.