A ProCede Horror Story

About two months ago..I used procede to thicken my hair. I used the patch test on my arm but the results were a horror. I used the solution on election day night. It started to burn my head and it was so intense that I ran for a cold shower followed by placing my head in the refrigerator. When the burning stopped I washed and rinsed my hair out and went to bed. The next morning I found my hair on my pillow in clumps. Prioe to this experience i had hair but it was thinning. I used monoxidil and had success for five years. I guess that I just wanted more hair. I went to a hair system which was bonded to my scalp but I could not stand the glue so I use the hair piece with a tape that comes off with alcohol. I find that I can look OK. The piece and the other systems are close to 4,000 bucks. I wasn’t a candidate for a transplant these last months since I had burning from that procede. I think a hair system is OK but needs a daily washing…I have no odor. I miss my hair and am thinking about a transplant in the future. Also my hair is growing strange..more like spikes. I wish that Procede was off the market but it still exists. This ordeal was such a bad experience that I dream of it. Hoping to also use my body hair.

Sorry if this is a look message. But this experience I wanted to share with others .

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It sounds like you had some allergic reaction to something in ProCede. I am certain that this type of reaction can occur with any topical therapy. The more ‘stuff’ that is in the formulation, the higher the likelihood that this diagnosis may be correct. It doesn’t sound like you’re eager to use it again, but my best advice would be to stay away from this treatment, for the next reaction may be worse.

Hair systems (the nice term for a wig) will run a risk of further damage to your hair. I would strongly recommend that you get a good examination by a competent doctor to establish a baseline as to where you are now (with respect to miniaturization) and over time repeat the examination. You need a working relationship with a competent doctor.

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  1. Procede is a bogus product!! Contrary to their claims to guarentee hair growth, it can cause hair loss. Photos plus my own observation clearly show less hair after the 90 day treatment than before I started. And they won’t return my money after the 90 day treatment regime, putting the buyer in a “catch 22” situation.

  2. Hello-
    I was wondering if you have and anybody respond positively to PROCEDE or FOLLICARE. I am eager to try a topical solution, but I am finding mostly negative results posted on the internet. I would like to hear something GOOD before I spend my money.

  3. I’ve had success with Follicare but it is a pain to use. Two treatments a day. After showering, the chemicals wash off and create bright red streaks down your forehead and face that don’t go away for atleast a 1/2 hour. But, I did notice regrowth especially in the front. I stopped using because of the red streaks after showering. I switched to procerin (different than procede) with no success. I will probably switch back to follicare shortly.

  4. When you sell thousands of products there are bound to be people who use the products improperly and bound to have some complaints about products that don’t work for everyone. Heck, asprin doesn’t work for everyone. Procede is probably the most revolutionar product ever developed for thinning hair. I worked for the company and on the clinical studies and have seen amazing results for hundreds of men personally. Over 500 men have been tested at our facility and only one pwerson had some irritation. Also, the company has sold over 50,000 units and has virtually no complaints. Also Returns are very low and there are a lot of customers on continuity which indicates Procede is working for a lot of men. But the best part about this product is you don’t need to apply it every day for the rest of your life. It’s not a hair growth product, it’s not Minoxidil that requires 2 treatments a day for life. It works by increasing the diameter of the hair shaft making the hair thicker and fuller filling in those thinning areas.
    Clinical Studies, Scientist and medical Doctors can’t all be wrong. Thousands of men and the people who have invested millions to aquire this revolutionary formula can’t be wrong. For every person procede doesn’t work on, ther are hundreds who it does work on. To me this is a sour note from a compettor product who does not like the fact that Procede is better than his product. I challenge anyone who has thinning hair, try Procede and if you don’t get thicker fuller hair after just one simple application, we’ll give you your money back.

    All the other companies try to disguise their formula, because they know it’s Minoxidil. They try to sell Minoxidil for hundreds of dollars when you can buy it over the counter for $12 at any store just about. That’s why Procede is so revolutionary. You only use it once every 90 days. Don’t listen to these balogny stories from guys who are really competitors trying to hurt sales. Judge the product for yourself.

  5. Revolutionary? Strong description from someone that admits to working for the company. I guess by you calling horror stories “balogny” you’re just speaking as an impartial observer, right? Ha!!!

  6. I have read through hundreds of posts regarding Procede and can’t find one person that will back the claim that Procede works well enough to continue using it. If Procede was more than a one time $200 scam the manufacturer would be using a business model that would reward and retain repeat customers.

  7. I just used Procede for the first time 6 days ago and I can definitely attest to it’s effectiveness!! My wife and I actually ordered it a month ago – it just sat in the box for 3 weeks till I could be bothered trying it because I figured it wouldn’t work anyway. Well now I wish I’d tried itas soon as the box arrived because it’s fantastic. Anyways, it’s obvious that some products work better for some than others – that will always be the case whether it’s hairloss stuff or any other kind of drug or medical treatment.

    Anyway, I thought readers may be interested to know the process and how things have worked out for me. We applied procede as per the instructions on Monday morning. This consisted of applying contents of bottle #1 and leaving for 1 hour. Then wash off, pat dry and apply bottle #2 and leave for 30 minutes before washing away. After all this, my scalp felt kind of rough – a bit like worn out sandpaper. I just figured it was normal and would go away after a while. By Wednesday, my scalp still felt a bit rough. I noticed that if I ruffled my scalp that the old fine hairs simply fell away. These hairs were incredibly fine like silk (I hadn’t realized my thining spot was quite so thin!) and the ends had a small curve in them. Well anyway, I mentioned to my wife about the sandpaper feel and she had a close up look. She was like “wow, you’ve got new thicker hairs growing already”. I thought she was kidding and winding me up but she insisted I go get my camera so she could take some close up pics to prove it. So I did and she wasn’t lying. Well now it’s Sunday (just 6 days later) and the crown which was previously almost completely bald (except for aforementioned extra fine hairs) now feels stubly just like a 3 day beard (but not quite as concentrated in hair). I can feel 1 very small patch just to the left of absolute crown which is stil completely bald – this patch is maybe 3/4″ square-ish.

    So I think the lessons here are:

    1] certain products will not work for everyone but they will for some – if it didn’t work for you then that just may mean you’re incompatible with that product and it’s not necessarily a scam.

    2] by posting comments saying that it didn’t work for you and that it must therefore definitely be a scam, you are potentially putting off people from using a product that could potentially help their hair regrow.

    3] yes 200 bucks isn’t cheap and there’s no such thing as a sure-thing guarantee (in my book) – but we figured it was worth risking the 200 bucks to try it. If you don’t try stuff you’ll never know if it works for you or not.


  9. Nick – How long have you worked for the ProCede company? Hair growth in six days? Uh, medically impossible as well as HILARIOUS!!

  10. Even if Procede could make your existing hairs growth in thicker, what good is that going to do you if you have lost hair? It doesn’t claim on their website to regrow hair but to thicken it. That’s may be good if your goal is to simply hide your bald spot.

  11. You know you can tell which posts are fake. The ones claiming “hair growth” are not real. The product does not even claim to to make hair grow, you guys need to read the fine print. It says it will make the hair you have grow thicker. They say this product will cause the diameter of the hair shaft to enlarge, and the thicker hair will look like a more full head of hair. The guys who say they feel “stubble” and see “new hair” grow seem to be story tellers. You gotta know what you put on/in your body. If I handed you a pill and said “just take it…trust me” and you did, you would be a dumb ass. Of course, the one guy who had the hair fall off and the burning scalp did have a drug reaction. (Lets face it, this product is a drug). Im allergic to penicillin, but that doesnt mean everyone is. I looked at this site to see what people thought before I tried this stuff, Im not going to now. I just dont see posts from credible sounding guys that claim it works. But I wanted to share my thoughts, I am a nurse, and I think people should definatley check things like this out before using them, and if are reading this, you are doing what you should be doing. Research. Good luck guys.

  12. i used procede and i lost so much hair in the 24 hours after it you cant even touch your hair with out it falling out i was thinning but not that bad now im really loosing my hair at an accelatreated rate.

  13. I have not tried Procede, but have used Nioxin for the past several years. Nioxin DOES NOT CLAIM to regrow hair, but keeps the hair you have from falling out. I started using it when I was about 27/28, and am very pleased with the system. I am now almost 35, and have a full head of hair… I also DO NOT use the entire system.. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and follicle booster… thats it.. once a day every day… This is not a guarantee… but just giving my experience… I think if you start in your mid-twenties, or at the first signs of hair loss.. Nioxin will help!! PS by the large sizes… youll save money this way… Also, buy it from a salon or beauty supply in a store online. I would not buy skin care or hair care on EBAY, you never know if the people empty the bottles and fill them up with “crap”… maybe Im paranoid, but better safe than sorry… Ciao!!

  14. i used nioxin for a while and every time i used the conditioner i seem to be sheddin a crap load of hair all this product accomplishes is a tingling minty sensation for about a week or two then that dont even happen anymore.i belive there money hungry cons they come out with a new product to add on to every day it seems theres probably about 40 different appliances you can use with the mioxin shampoo.

  15. I am glad I came across this web site. I was considering Precede until I read this. I hope everyone reads this before throwing their money away.

  16. MY PROCEDE HORROR STORY— I order the 90 day trial, did the test and no allergic reaction. So I went ahead and use on the area I wished to thicken hair. Followed instructions exactly….IT HAS RUINED MY HAIR. After a month, my hair is still damaged and I have lost much in that area. Remaining hair looks fryed.


    Im sure your all aware of the 90 day free trial right???? Well after what happened to my hair, of course, I sent back the product, along with everything else and a letter expressing my grief with their product.


    A week after returning their product, I get billed for first installment of $100.00. YUP, thats right. They charged me!! Not even after 90 days, about 3 weeks after receiving their product. So I called them and asked, whats the deal and why did you charge me?? The lady at first said because, I didn’t return the product. HMMM I asked then why did you charge me after 3 weeks??? She told me to hold on and then comes back to tell me, I just returned the shampoo. WOW After arguing with her for 10 minutes, I then talked to a supervisor who said ok we will credit your account, but it will take 30 days to show up.


    After 30 days, what did I get??? My credit??? NOPE!!!! Another charge!!! Now I paid them in full to ruin my hair. Well of course I disputed the first charge with AMEX and just got done disputing the second charge. AMEX also informed me that Procede stated they never receive any merchandise from me. Im working with AMEX now, luckily I kept my shipping receipt to prove I sent something back to Procede. We will see what happens.

    FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME –supast@aol.com

    Let me know any website, blog, consumer complait group, TV or Radio show you know of where I can post my experience, so I can help protect others from this MORALLY DEPRAVED company and their HARMFUL PRODUCT. I’ve been aggressively posting and writing letters of my appalling episode with these con artists to everyone I can think of, including Radio and TV shows.

    Tomorrow I will begin filing in small claims court, but my main goal here is to make public the PROCEDE SCAM.

    I hope my posting will save someone else’s hair and wallet.

  17. Thanks to Nick T for his comment. I was ready to buy this product until I read what he wrote about his wife examining his head two days after the first application: “She was like “wow, you’ve got new thicker hairs growing already”. What a scam! You can tell this comment is not from a true person but its carefully drafted by the seller. Thanks to this comment I will not buy this product. Who would believe you get hair growth in 2 days.

  18. Warning: Consider the following for Procede:

    *This is not a reputable company. Their only method of contact is by a 800 number and that is an outside agency representing Procede. Their staff is very unfriendly, rude, and unknowledgeable. So if buy, dont have any further expectations from them.

    *They advertise a 100% money back guarantee which is also a false claim. Again you will be directed to the unfriendly staff of an outside agency and will be turned down. Either that or you will be asked to provide some ridiculous proof before they honor their money back guarantee, which they wont. They will NOT back up their claims.

    *This product DOES NOT work regardless of how many times you try it. You will LOSE more hair than before after trying this product. In most cases, you will lose approx. 20% of your hair in the days after applying this product as a result of chemical reaction and a fallout. This loss will not be recovered and the hair will not grow back.

    *It is a VERY expensive product because they only need to sell one application knowing fully well that most people will not buy it again after a trial period.

    The only true and proven method is expensive but effective hair transplant. All other OTC products such as Procede, Avacor, Follicare, etc DO NOT WORK, cause more damage and are a waste of time and money.

  19. Thanks for all the informative posts on Procede. I was looking for a new product since Procerin was a waste of my money. I don’t plan on buying anything new now at all. I think they are all deceptive products and most don’t really work they way the say they will. I’ve come to the conclusion that at 43 years old, the hair is going to go whether I want it to or not, SO I’ll just cut it short and live with it!!

  20. WARNING, HELP I used PROCEDE a week ago and I can not even go out in public. It totally burned my head, turned my existing hair into a mess. WHAT EVER YOU DO… DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. There are terrible consequences with the use of it and no way is worth it. I am now going bald. I used it as preventive and to keep my existing hair. It has totally ruined my hair. I might have to shave my head just to reverse the mess it made. How can such a company exist???

  21. In the past I have used several hair growth products. A short list is Kevis, Hair Genisis, Menoxidil and Proscar and a few others with limited to no results. I have searched many websites looking for info and results for hair growth products and was especially interested in Precede. I could not find hardly any pro or against it and vurtually no before and after photos. I was very reluctant to buy it since 200.00 is alot for me. Well I finally broke down and bought it. I have a bald spot on the top of my head and that I have had for about 10 years now and within the last 2 years a general thining all over the top of my head and a reseeding hairline. Well I didnt put the Procede all over my head I just applied it to the very top where I have been thining and to my bald spot because I had read how it seems to burn the hair.The result-Well I am having the same positive results the previous poster stated. It has been 1 week and I am definately growing hair where there has been none for years. It is just like I had shaved and is growing in about the same speed as the hair would on my face. I dont know exactly how thick it will become or if it will fall out before getting much longer but it has definately worked somewhat for me. I dont know why the Procede company does not call this a hair regrowth product it must have something to do with the FDA and it being a cosmedic or something, but like I said it seems to be working for me. I would like to say also like the previous poster please lets give this company a chance. I know the company that sell Procede seems like a scam company but they have something that actually works for some. I am so excited to finally getting my hair back. To those that tried it and burned there head Im sorry that happened but thats the way this works. Its a light acid that gets into the folicle and liquifies the stuff blocking the hair shaft. At least thats what I have read. I am going to do a second application in 3 months but Im gonna shave my head first so not to kink ot my hair and apply it over my whole head and see if it will help my front hairline. Like I said it seems to be working and I think most who have read the post from here may avoid the product that may very well get them most of there hair back. Just read the instructions and make sure you do the sensitivity test as per the instructions before putting it on your head. One more think I do not work for or have any affiliationwith the Procede company or those who sell it. Just want to help those who are looking for info.

  22. I’m going backwards through these posts now & it appears that Dan has had similar experiences to me, as well as Nick T.

    OUTRAGED- you said the lady on the phone said that you’d sent back the shampoo- why did you do that & not the Procede itself…? OR did you…? I sent the Procede back- they had told me the shampoo was free- they had charged me w/in 3wks & I thought it was a scam, so I sent the Procede back USPS Priority mail w/signature confirmation for ~$10, so I was out a total of ~$30 after they credited my CC.

    I could not believe I had stubble comingn in w/in 3days & I don’t expect anyone else too, but it’s true- I never would have believed it. As Dan said- for those of you who have not tried it, just apply the stuff exactly as the instructions say. Don’t miss out on something that might really help you. I mean hell- if your hair is falling out anyway, then, what have you really got to lose…???

  23. Unbelievable I saw the commercial and its 5am I am dead tired but I had to boot up the computer to see if there was any evidence of procede working- I FOUND NONE, ZERO , ZILCH, I am 27 years old and also experiencing thinning and losing hair. I have done so much research on the internet about hair thinning and hair loss its actually rediculous the loops and circles and products that are available.

    After reading all this and seeing what people are going through I am about to shave my head and wear it proud.

    1 application every 90 days please, should of figured.

    I must say a big thank you to the op (original poster) for sharing your story I really do appreciate how you work.

  24. Hello there,

    I bought the Procede in India from a tele shopping company and I am amazed at the results that I have got! During the application, my hair got roughed up and with-in 2 weeks, hair started growing on the crown and front portion! I was glad that I bumped into Procede!


  25. Hey Ramu

    I purchased Procede in India.. Tried it out on my arm and to my horror, whatever hair remained in my arm vanished when I washed it off after an hour and there was a clear patch!

    When checking with folks there, they say “skin” in the arm and the head will react differently and encourage me to try this.. Hmm!


  26. As a law enforcement officer I would suggest reporting your bad experiences with failed money back returns to the online fraud investigators at the FBI. I would also suggest keeping all paperwork and send any product back via certified and insured. If this company does not have an actual physical business location open to the public then I would believe it was false…..where do they create thier products, which lab and why is it not open to the public with thier own customer service…..just a thought.

  27. Hey people of procede what can you say about all this comments. In Philippines you even had this product advertised in national television. it even costs us so many. I haven’t tried it yet but I nearly got inot it. thanks to this site I was warned. Though I know we all react to drugs differently. BUt at least you should have also make some reactions to these comments so that issues like these would be clarified. thanks!!!

  28. DO NOT ORDER PROCEDE…..PERIOD. My hair fell out and didn’t grow back until the typical cycle of regrowth which sucked since I did it around Christmas time. Also, I tried the 19.95 special but was billed the full price and AMEX refused to give back my money. Either live with what GOD gave ya or research surgical solutions.

  29. istarted procede three months ago and as much as i would like to believe it works and im not a snake oil salesman s wet dream,my wife said dont u dare add the second application,you will be bald.they said u wood loose some hair well i sure did,my hair was thin not gone,well thanks to procede its gone.i just complained to customer servicethey said u have 2 wks to return product or no refund.well now im shopping for minoxidil,and hats.

  30. man i am glad i saw this before i tried it – wow i have only one thing to anyone that reads this – check with your doctor if you seriously want to try this – if this chemical is as powerful as they make it out to be (once every three months???!?!?) then yeah definitly check with a doctor or a hair specialist – its worth your time and effort – and i am going to definitly check this up with authorities because this company is now advertising here in canada too….

  31. well im sitting here with the procede right next to me. I am very scared to use this product now, thanks to the comments and because i just did the test on my arm and not only is the hair all curled up and falling out and the skin dicolored but it smells to high heaven. It stinks like hair remover and its so bad that I have to spray the whole house with frebreze.

  32. This product sucks
    all it did was goop my hair and make it feel all knotty and looking like crap
    plus totop it off the $19.95 “special” is just for shipping, I did not appreciate the $99 charge twice, along with their customer service team calling me 3x a week
    poor crappy product
    Guiseppe Franco is a schmuck also
    dont waste your time with this crap

  33. OH-MY-GOD!

    I’m so thankful I accidentally ran across this website while getting ready to order the Procede. Thanks to everyone. I’ve had many of the same experiences with other types of products. I’m so sick of false advertisments and scams.

    Is the only way to make money these days is by cheating people.

  34. I gave it 90 days, followed the directions… Honestly, no results.. the Hair thickening shampoo works fine.. but its only temporary.. Bottom line is I’m still living with thin hair. If u want temporary “thicker hair”, use shampoos and conditioners OCASSIONALLY!.. THE SULFATES AND ALCOHOLS WILL DRY OUT YOUR HAIR FOLICLES OVER TIME!

    I warn you not to use Procede, thanks for reading!

  35. I ordered procede and got it yesterday and after reading this i’m kind of skeptical about using it. I might just try it on a tiny tiny part of the crown and see what happens. Anyways, I closed my credit card account after they charged me the $20 so I don’t get billed the other 200. haha!

  36. Whatever you do,stay away from that crap Procede,that’s right,they only “procede” to get your money with no results.
    On the other hand,I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Provillus
    A friend of mine who was balding started using it in January and I must say he looks great!It’s a matter of a few more months and his head will be full! I’ve seen some good deals in E-Bay.

  37. Woooah! I almost ordered this Procede and was gonna use minoxidil in tandem. Even one horror story is enough to dussuade me from trying it. My brother in law recieved his 3 days ago and after testing it on his arm, Lo and behold he has matted curly hairs and a Bald? patch in the area he placed Procede (he used a magic marker to cordon off the area)……thus the impetus to my online investigation…..uhhhh I think Ill just use rogaine…used it before…too much caused irritation….correct dosage is ok so far Im Porcceding to not use that product

  38. I was planning to buy procede until these reviews and experiences… I’ve started to lose my hair since 5 years ago (when 22) and never tried to put any chemical on because everybody said that all products are scam and even have side effects. I’m mexican and only tried “all-natural” here-made in mexico products but without results.

    Starting this year I proposed to find at least one product that said it works and wasn’t to expensive then I could give it a shot… after several days searching and reading experiences I’ve found one!

    Spectral DNC: an oddorless, non irritant, cheap arround $50(considering all others), not oily, fast drying and easy applying.

    after two months I’ve noticed that all my bald spots are now covered by a thin new hair (bald guys like me…: don’t spect than you’ll find a product that restore a full thickness hair after being bald) a lotta people are telling me that my hair is growing but I act like “huh… that’s weird, do you really think so?” 😛 ha… now I’m cutting my hair very short and it I don’t look bald at all. I was considering Procede to make my hair thicker but all these comments really made me hesitate, what do you guys think about??? I’m in the half of the 3rd spectral bottle and don’t want to ruin this improvement. (I’ve aleady got two new more bottles of spectral)

    the only cons I’ve found so far: spending arround 10 bucks and 30 minutes per week (you have to put it twice a day so you spend about 2 min per aplication)

  39. Unbelievable I saw the commercial and its 5am I am dead tired but I had to boot up the computer to see if there was any evidence of procede working- I FOUND NONE, ZERO , ZILCH, I am 27 years old and also experiencing thinning and losing hair. I have done so much research on the internet about hair thinning and hair loss its actually rediculous the loops and circles and products that are available.

    After reading all this and seeing what people are going through I am about to shave my head and wear it proud.

    1 application every 90 days please, should of figured.

    I must say a big thank you to the op (original poster) for sharing your story I really do appreciate how you work.

  40. When a company lists no phone number and your e-mail attempts come back undeliverable to their e-mail address, you know there is a strong odor of fraud.

  41. before I wanted to buy that stuff -cuz it was really impressing and persuasive shown on tv- I wanted to know a bit more about it and found that page here.
    And I can be very happy that I did not order procede!
    So if it is really that horrible and even more harmful than useful;why can this strange medico not be accused?
    I hope all affected persons that had these bad experiences wont maintain silence.It is a really bad cheating that has to be punished-
    If I will meet this man anywhere he will drink that shit!

  42. By the way I was hesitant to let anybody know about using castor oil for my hair but if it helps just one person out there that’s well worth the laughs I will get from people.
    I saw results in about a month I figure. These were tiny hairs growing in front of my hairline. In the last 6 months those hairs are now about 5 inches and next to those are new smaller hairs about 1 inch. It’s not a lot of re-growth but at least I don’t seem to be loosing hair. Also the oil seems to help with “thickening” the hairs. Not sure about that though.

  43. My thanks as well to all here. The overall activity here is keeping this site on the front page of google results. And, so I stumbled across this site as well just before making the plunge and buying. So, I consider it $200 saved. Thanks, Gents.

  44. Hello, im 19 years old, but I started to loose my hair this year, i have very thin hair, does anybody know whay is happening that to me??, if I am only 19… I was considering to order PROCEDE but after I read all of those comments against procede, Now I dont know if order it or not.

  45. my son used procede and his hair fell out broke off and died . right now im trying to get them frauds to return his money, you know that full guarantee they have. i hope they all croak after they return his money.

  46. I`m very glad and thankful, to those who been so kind indeed for reporting this horrable product to alert inocence people from buying fraud stuffs. I was about to try this procede product,I thought it would be so helpful to my hair lost.
    As I saw it on an advertisment in television.I was about to place an order on line of procede cause am losing my hair on my forhead. therefore I definitely would like to extend my grateful appreciation to you guys of being a good samartian thanks.

  47. Thanks for your honesty and for sharing your experience.
    I think we are all trying yo find the Miracle cure, but it ain’t happening.Transplant are the way to go if you have that kind of money. But once you start losing hair in other places,
    You have, they have to perform another transplant and that can be costly.

  48. The only problems with sites like this, is that only the dissatified people post. People that are satisfied have no reason to find somewhere to post.
    I started to use Procede about 2 1/2 weeks ago. So far, no problems. I have not had my hair fall out, and there is about a 1/2″ new growth already showing up. I mainly have a balding spot in the back, and slight balding in the temples.
    Only time will tell.

  49. Thanks everyone, I will NOT be ordering any procede. It seems my original thought was correct. Transplants work if you have the dough.

  50. This bogus product and company should be taken off of the market. I ordered it in Jan, 08, from the TV ad. It was supposed to be $19.95. What a croc of crap. They charged my CC for $218.95. I am still disputing the charge. The product caused a sever allergic reaction, so I attempted to return it. I called the (800) number listed, and guess what, they do not answer. If you call the order number, of course they answer right away. It states very clearly on the invoice that an RMA# is required to return an item, so that is where they screw you. I sat for almost four hours one day waiting, and have tried many times since. These people should be taken off of the market. In my opinion, they are scammers and I would not recommend them to anyone.

  51. hey guys did yo notice that procede went down to 30 dollars on TV?, it makes me think that their formula is just water mixed wih alcohol:(

  52. Thanks everyone. I was considering buying Procede after watching their TV commercials, needless to say, I won’t dare to try their products.

    How could company like this one exist in the market?

    Even if the their products work for few people, their refund policy gimmicks are not ethical and we should not buy their products.

  53. ordered procede in sept. something stopped me from using it,a strange feeling i guess, then did patch test, well; no way i could put it on my scalp. today i find this web site and read the posts,how unbelievabley stupid do i feel for not doing my homework BEFORE the order or the test. as for returning the product, it has been impossible to contact anyone who can help, but they have called me to see if i want to order more, UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE !!!!!!!


  55. i am one of the many to have used Procede.
    My already thinning hair fell out at an alarming rate and two months later, has still to look normal as before.
    This is a scam. The Fox soccer channel was inundated with their add, which i eventually fell for.
    Theu charged me 19.95 for the “free trial”, then took over $95 from my credit card.I wrote them and threatened legal action.
    They did not reply.I cancelled my credit card to prevent them from stealing further money.
    note. Their Joseppi Franco add has now been pulled.
    It was a fast and furius scam to steal money.

  56. I was considering Precede until I read this. Thanks to all of you for your honest reviews. I have been using Zulvera to treat my hair loss and Zulvera has proved very effective for me (filled my bald patches). I have been usnig Zulvera for almost 6 months now and will keep using Zulvera only. After reading your comments i dont think Procede is even worth trying.

  57. Well, here I am again. I have been screwed royally by these Procede scammer bastards. I sent back the product as per my credit card company, namely Bank of America, and got it back. Now I have spent another $12.75 for nothing. I sent it “Return Reciept Requested”, and they would not sign for it. It came back to me, and my lovely CC company went ahead and paid these bastards anyway even though I clearly stated that Procede will not answer their phones in order to get the R.A. number. For those who do not know, that stands for Return Authorization Number. I have been on the phone with Ban Of America, my CC company, many times and I keep getting the run around from them. I told them of the hundreds of complaints against Procede, but, I got charged anyhow. I have turned the whole thing over to my attorney, and am taking legal action against Bank of America and Procede. This has gone on since January, and I am just sick over it. Bottom line. Stay away from those dirty scammer bastards at Procede.

  58. probably the best way to deal with those bastards is to actually cancel your credit card and have Bank of America, or whoever, issue you with a new card with a new number.
    This stops those procede bastards thieves in their tracks while your claim is in dispute.

  59. Honestley, I am a real person. A 25 year old NY native and I’ve been using Prodece for 6 months now. I’m over $400 in the bucket but to tell you the truth, my hair has gotten MUCH thicker. As a young guy losing his hair its hard but this product works, just don’t get the autoship program.

  60. I am back again, and am madder that ever. Bank of America steadfastly refuses to refund my money, and now my credit card is over limit. Soooooo, more charges on top of the Procede Scam artists. I am wondering, after reading so many complaints about these scammer bastards, there are any of you who would be willing to file a class action lawsuit against this bogus bunch of losers. If we band together, we can put these bastards out of busisess for good. Please feel free to contact me at, hemirunr68@yahoo.com, and let’s not take this crap anymore. I am very determined to give them back the screwing that they gave to me and so many others. I have also contacted the N.Y.State attorney generals office about this company. I am awaiting their reply. Hope to hear from many of you soon. Thankyou.

  61. The truth there is no other product aside from minoxodyl that has been proven to work in SOME people.
    Losing hair sucks,losing money because your losing hair sucks even more.
    You have to be philosophical about hair loss.It happens.
    And wearing a hair piece is a joke.They look like awful.Why dont you just wear a plastic penis ti create a bigger bulge in your pants.Its like you are trying to lie to my face.They look so ridiculous.Toupees look like you are trying to defraud me or mislead me that you arent hairless.All a hairpiece does is is that it shows great weakness and insecurity and a poor attempt at misleading people.Why do you want to pretend you have hair and make an ass and lose respect?By wearing a hairpiece you lose instant respect.

    Im not trying to be cruel but its true.All this hair care regrowth garbage is a scam.Just like wrinkle removing lotion for the ladies.Just a big scam.

  62. Procede Sucks. Procede is horrible. Procede is fake. Procede burned my hair off and left a giant bald spot that didn’t grow back for 4 months. Procede made me look horrible to my co-workers and family. WHAT did Warren Buffet say??? IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT DON’T BUY IT!!!!! I am an idiot and a retard for buying this “product”!!!!! Some loud mouth grease bag Italian in Hollywood screaming “Procede Works” Good God Almight!

  63. thanks God I read this stuff!!
    I got this Procede in front of me cause I was about to use it. I dont know why, but I thought to search comments about. After couple of hours in internet I feel like blessing, I’m in Peru and It cost me 100 bucks three days ago, so I’ll try to get my money back some how from a Quality Products store, where my wife just bought this crap. Thanks, gracias!!

  64. It’s a lot easier to believe the negative stories than the positive because you rather not use it and not risk having problems then try using it and have problems. I tried it a year ago, and at the same time also kept using rogaine, which they recommended. Not only did my hair get thicker, but it kept regrowing because of the rogaine faster than anything I had seen with just the rogaine. I had to stop because it was to much money. I deciced to look at to see any other info. about it before starting it again. I would recomment using it, especially with a rogaine type product. Since I stopped using the proceded and just used the rogaine, my hair has stayed pretty much the same just a lot thinner.

  65. Anyone with a negative experience using Procede; I’m trying to get a class-action together. Procede causes a decided falling out of hair and that makes it look like the hair that was killed and tries to grow back is NEW GROWTH. It also keeps your hair from EVER growing back to its original length. I believe it was designed to do this, to make the client dependent on their product, and to deceive the client into believing growing back of killed hair was new growth. Their disclaimers are NO CONSOLATION.

    IT’S A HUGE FRAUD JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE THESE DAYS and we need to get them for permanent damages that it creates. It’s HORRENDOUS that this company made an ounce of profit from their HUGE SCAM.

    Write me direct at woody9999@gmail.com if you agree, can contribute your story and would like to possibly participate in actions that might result in some minor compensation for this atrocious fraud.

  66. Yes Bob, Procede made my hair fall out 5 years ago and my hair never grew back. I sent you an email. If a class action is the best we can do, fine, but nothing will ever be enough justice for the humiliation and sufferring their scam caused me.

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