My Daughter’s Hair Won’t Grow

My 5 year old daughter’s hair will not grow! I have tried almost everything and it still seems to be the same length since her birth–very short, course hair. I have recently resorted to extensions (braids) in an effort to give her hair a break from everyday styling, but nothing appears to work.

Could she have a medical problem?

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Hair on the scalp grows in cycles. They have three phases of growth:

  1. Growth phase (Anagen phase) which lasts anywhere from 2 to 6 years. This is the phase where your hair is actively growing at approximately 10cm per year. 85% of hair is at this phase at any given time.
  2. Transitional phase (Catagen phase) which lasts about 2 weeks. This is the phase where the hair follicle shrinks and prepares to enter the resting phase.
  3. Resting phase (Telogen phase) which lasts about 1- 6 months. This is the phase where hair does not grow but stays attached to the follicle. Some hairs are shed at this phase, but at the end the hair follicle re-enters the growth phase to start the cycle over again. 10-15% of hairs are at this phase at any given time.

I do not know why your daughter’s hair has not grown in 5 years. There is a peculiar genetic condition that impacts children of her age causing hair loss and balding. There may be variants of this condition worth exploring. You should discuss this issue with her Pediatrician and determine if she has any medical conditions that may be contributing to such slow hair growth. The use of hair extensions may cause the hair she has to fall out from the traction it causes. If her hair is not growing as you reported, then she may become bald at the point the ‘extensions’ are attached.

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  1. I wanted to add the same is true of my 9 year old daughter. Her hair really didn’t grow until she was about 6ish, then it’s added a bit (it’s probably 6-7 inches at the longest parts now). It’s never been cut really so I’m also concerned about this. We’ve talked to our pediatrician though and other than this, she’s a very healthy child. I’d love to hear more from other parents who may have seen this. She is blonde, blue eyes and very fair complected. Her hair is somewhat fine but really curly.

    Please share if anyone else has information….

  2. My daughter is almost 4 years old. Blonde hair, blue eyes… The crown & back of her hair is about 1.5 to 2 inches long but the sides and front are only about an inch. I am starting to worry that it is never going grow. I’d say it has grown about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch per year. Seriously… why is it so hard to find other people with this issue!

  3. i have the same problem with my daughter shes just turned 5 and her hair is very short , no different to when she was born, it feels very course to touch and is also curly, she is currently under the hospital, but im more concerened about her going to school with her hair like this.

  4. i have a 9 year old daughter who is african american and since birth her hair has always been short. My sister put a relaxer in her hair the day before she turned 2years old and its gotten worse ever since. i have been trying to make her feel more confident about herself by braiding her hair (small cornrows)very small and wrapping a hair piece around it. well that worked for a little while until the bobby pins used to hold the hair piece in started to irritate her scalp and causing it to thin out. I stopped doing that kind of style and just went to washing and greasing it twice a week. Someone recommended “Dr, Miracle” to me and all that does it make the scalp have this “Icy Hot” kind of feeling but still nothing works. I dont want to put a relaxer in it because I feel its too damages that what she left will completely come out, and I dont want to put the braids in it for fear of the same thing. She is getting ready to go back to school on Monday and she will not go if her hair is not done. I dont know what to do now.

  5. I have the same problem as Gretchen. My daughter is 3 with very fine light brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. The crown and back are a couple inches but the sides and bangs will not grow at all. She’s becoming self concious about this as all her friends at daycare have very long hair. Has anyone seen a hair specialist yet?

  6. I am due to take my daughter to see a specialist in london in january to find out if anything can be done to help her, it seems to be growing but very sparsely and is also course and curly, her dad and grandad have the same problem , but im hoping treatment is more advanced now and they can do something to help.

  7. I am a cosmetologist. We learned that brushing stimulates the scalp. I was born with barely enough hair to cover my head. By the time I was six I had a head full of thick long hair. My mom use to brush my hair 300 strokes a night and that worked. Angie, have you tried shampooing her hair at least twice a week. If you are going to do braids, find someone that can put the hair in plats using rubberbands and then putting the extensions in, like Janet Jackson on Poetic Justice. My 20 month old daughter was born nearly bald and I just started shampooing her hair twice a week, making sure her scalp and hair stayed moisturized and I also put little ponytails all over ( be creative with that, you can link them so that they look like a braid). But my daughter’s hair has went from nearly bald to almost a head full (with the exception of the back of the head) and the length of it is almost seven inches (it was previously 3 inches). Also don’t put rubberbands too tight because that will damage the hair.

  8. i have a two year old daughter that really does not have hair. She has about a inch in the top but that is it. I need some advice on how to make it grow. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am also a cosmetologist, I have a very blonde haired daughter, she has blue eyes and curls, she is over 4 years old and har very very fine hair about an inch long, it will not grow! She is bothered that she has no hair and it breaks my heart for her. We never learned anything about this when I went to school for hair, nor have I ever seen it in the salon. I’m not kiddind when I say her hair is like baby hair, she had the same head of hair when she came out and it has not changed at all…..!!!


  11. my daughter just turned two a few months ago, and her hair is short compared to other two year olds that we know. i really need a suggestion on how to help her hair grow. i have tried almost every product that has the word GROW i even tried letting it rest for two weeks without putting anything in it. i need some advice nothing seems to work.

  12. My 8 year daughter’s hair barely touches the bottom of her neck. Her hair is fine and curly. Now she seems to be losing hair everytime she runs her fingers through it. I am so scared that she won’t ever have long hair. Does anyone have any other suggestions about caucasian hair growth?

  13. My daughter is 10. she has blond hair. it has never been any longer than her shoulders. we have it trimmed maybe twice a year, and i mean a little trim. her hair maybe grows 1-2 inches in a year. we use salon brand moisturizing shampoos and conditions and have tried many brands. nothing seems to help. her hair just does not grow.

  14. my wee girl is also 5 years old with blond hair and blue eyes her hair also tends to curl it is very thin and poor and I am worried about it it never seems to grow she started school last year and all the girls in her class have very long hair and god help her she keeps asking me when her hair will grow long like her friends it also breaks my heart as I had long hair at school the doctor said that her scalp is healthy I take her to the hairdresser every couple of monthes and they take a tiny wee bit off it just to strenthen it but it dosent grow can anyone give me some advice. A worried mum

  15. My daughter who is 7 also has very slow growing hair. It is blonde, and curly and very fine. It has reached her shoulders, but won’t grow past them. It also just started falling out more then normal. I have a ton of thick dark hair, and it makes me sad that she doesn’t have good healthy looking hair. Has anyone figured out why thier daughters hair hasn’t grown?

  16. if you start to use carols daughter hair products on her hair it wall start to grow and it will smell really good and become really soft, you can order the products on line at are you can buy them at Macy’s and or sephora get the healthy hair butter,the loc butter,the hair milk,the mimosa hair honey,the black vanilla leave in conditioner.also one of the hair smoothies, now all of these products together will be over a $100 but you will be glad you spent the money and also they come in large jars so that’s also good to,good luck also use raw Shea butter on her hair and skin it the best you can get it in bulks and smaller if you like at and another good website is www,

  17. My daughter is now 14 and has never had long hair. Her doctor says nothing is wrong it is genetic. Her hair is dark and curly and fine and it literally is at the bottom of her neck after growing for 14 years. I too have considered extentions but am afraid it will harm the hair she has and recently she has come to accept in and says she likes her hair short.

  18. Wow! It feels great to know that I’m not alone. My daughter is 4 and has mixed hair of african american, puerto rican and indian hair. Right now, her hair is about 4 inches on top and 1 inch on the sides and back. The back is more coarse and the top is wavy. I no longer attempt to put in pony tails as I assumed this could be damaging her hair. Everyone in our family has full heads of hair and can grow long locks at will. I’m trying Wild Growth Hair Oil to stimulate growth and we will see if this works…I pray it does. I will post results. Thanks.

  19. Hi! sells vitamins and you can do hair analyses by sending in hair samples to them. That would help you to diagnose and see the problems that are associated with your daughters problems. God bless you guys but hair always grows and I realized that really when I started relaxing my hair as a child and then braiding it as an adult. These childrens’s hair probably don’t grow more than a 1/4 inch a month and then the growth cycle’s are probably short. That’s why it seems that it grows slow and or don’t really grow. It always grows. The average growth or maximum growth is 1/2 inch a month. Some people probably grow more than that per month. The hairfinity vitamins has MSM methosulfonate or something like that is usually in supplements that include chondroitin and so on in it and this MSM they say lengthens your anagen phase so that it grows longer. So if their hair grows a quarter inch or less a month then there anagen phases are probably 2 years.

  20. I am a 38 year old women whos hair will NOT grow. My hair will not grow. I have some hair, but not alot. I have been to dermotisist and they say when i reach the peak of life, my hair will grow. When will that be? I am afraid to use anything on my hair in fear of it causing damage. I have more hair on the side then the back. It is very short and won’t grow. I also have weird looking nails too.. Any one have a clue what this could be? I have never had much hair since I was a baby.

  21. Hello everyone,

    I’m glad to read i’m not the only one with this problem.
    My daughter is 1 year old, her hair is fine (like everyone else’s daughter) and her scalp sometimes itches.

    I just know that hairproducts won’t make it any better and i know she has a hairproblem because i have 3 older kids and they never had this problem.

    Her hair breaks a lot and tangles easily.

    I have the same problem, but my hair was always thick and fast growing untill i took some kind of brand birthcontrol pill for one year. Then the problems with my hair started.
    Now my hair also ‘doesn’t grow’ it only grows a couple of inches, has a very thin changed structure and i can’t do anything with it.

    Now my daughter has the same problem (my other daughters don’t have this). I make her wear bandana’s but i’m very worried about how this will make her feel in the future.

    Well i hope every body finds a solution altho i’m convinced there is no solution.

  22. It is a bit relieving to know that there are other parents/children going through this same problem. My daughter is 3 1/2. Her hair is very short and it seems that it has not grown any in the past year, it almost seems that it is shorter and finer. She is mixed, half black/half white. Her hair is very kinky. I have tried EVERYTHING! The best products I have found for moisturizing her hair is Curls hair products. My other daughter is 22 months old and has four times as much hair as my 3 year old. I do not know what to do, it breaks my heart because she wants to have long hair like her sister. I also worry about when she starts pre-k next year, how she will feel about her hair opposed to the other little girls. I always tell her that her hair is beautiful because I dont want her to have a complex about it. The sides are the longest being about 4-5 inches long and the back isn’t even a 1/2 inch long, it is very short and the top is also short-around 2 inches. It looks even shorter because it is so curly and kinks up to her head. So you really cant tell the truth length of it just by looking at it. It is very dissapointing and I don’t know what else to do, I just wonder if there is anything out there that could help.. I guess we are all looking for the same answer!

  23. It’s me again. My daughters hair is also very short in the back. And longer on top, but not as long as it should be.
    She’s almost 1,5 years old.

    Hair always grows, if it doesn’t seem to grow that’s because it’s too fine and fragile therefore it breaks. That’s the case with my hair. I have a buzzed haircut. Can’t do anything else with it.

  24. my two year old daughter has very thin hair and it has not grown very much at all since the day she was born I have tried every thing I really wish I new what to do with it she is a beutiful little girl who might have problems with other kids her age making fun of her hair

  25. My Daughter has just turned 6, And has had this same problem. Reading through these comments I notice a lot of them are girls with blond curly hair. My daughters hair is the same. She was born with a head full of hair. But now her hair wont grow it’s hardly even touching her shoulders. Her hair seems to break easily. The Dr. say’s nothing is wrong with her. I was the same way my Mother say’s my hair would not grow either. But now my hair has no problem growing.I notice she is feeling badly about this, She looks at the other girls at school and asks why her hair isn’t like that. She say’s no one like’s her because her hair is short. I wonder if it’s a calcium problem? I Need Some Help… What can I use? Is there something I can wash it with, Or a Vitamin I can give her? If anything works please pass it on! Thanks Concerned Mom

  26. Hello All I am so glad to hear I am not alone,my daughter is 9 and her hair don’t grow.It is about mid neck.Its real curly and fine.She is mixed and her hair is blond.I am hispanic and My hair grows like crazy it’s thick and very long.I don’t understand why her hair dont grow.I have tried using diffrent products and I also tried putting it in ponytails and it just makes her hair fall out.Not sure what to do it really bothers her.Some one please give me some advise on what to do.

  27. Wow, I can’t believe how many other children have this problem. My daughter is five years old, her hair is very light blonde, fine and curly. It hasn’t grown more than half an inch since she was born, although it has began to thicken up over the past year and a half. It hasn’t grown past her ears. I am so worried because she starts school in two months, and I don’t want the other kids to make fun of her. The doctor says that nothing is wrong and it will grow someday. She gets many compliements on her hair color, but everyone asks me why I cut it so short!

  28. My daughter is about to turn 3 she has hardly any hair and the hair she has is very fair and fine. I am fed up of people asking me how old she is (because of lack of hair people assume she is younger). She was born with dark hair that fell out and was practically bald until she was 2, now she has a small covering of baby hair. She starts pre-school in September and i feel so sorry for her, people keep telling me that it will grow through nice and thick but im still waiting!!!! Her sister who is 14 months has really thick brown hair :-)

  29. hi,
    i too have a daughter who has just turned 4 she too has blond hair blue eyes and has thin course hair she has never had a hair cut not ever!! it is only just down to her neck but its so thin … you can even put her hair up the hair tie just falls out. I have been to 2 different doctors about her one said it was genic another thought it was hyperthyriod and was tested but it was neg. i dont know what to do she will be going to school in jan (we live in australia)i also have a 2 year old who’s hair is long and thick and a 5 year old boy who needs to get a hair cut what seems to be every 3 months or so…. ive had people say to me… if i shave it it should come back thick but im not game enough to even touch it.. so it will never happen!! when she was born she had a head full of hair but most of it fell out by the time she was about 4 months and went from a brownish colour to what now her blond hair… if any one has any good sugestions please help! =D

  30. My daughter is 5 in 3 mths and has soft fine baby hair about 2-3 inches long. An intelligent normal healthy child full of love for life. I have looked up websites on what to do to get her hair growing and have hit a dead end. Although I would have loved for her to have beautiful long thick hair, it wasn’t to be. She has other better and more beautiful qualities that I will nourish before making her insecure about her short hair. Extensions on a child…. wow that never even crossed my mind! Is it the child that has a problem with the hair or us adults?. Hats look great, bandannas are funky, head bands are back in, why make them more self conscious than they need to be? Enjoy your daughters there are worse things in life…

  31. oh my this is exactly like my daughter she was born thick black hair blue eyes but we wer told to shave her hair untill she is one and it will be very nice ….. it didnt grow
    then it jsut grew spairingly ….
    now her hair grows on the top most parts and not so much on the sides near her ears and temple or neck her hair is now 10cm or so longest part and baby hair at her hair line so her hair is still growing she is 3 now
    but i found a solution to this

    i use a honey that is pure and from YEMEN it is a fair bit expensive but it works i use it in my hair too also i gave her a teaspoon a day as its healthy for the body
    i noticed putting this in my daughters hair and eating it her hair grew about 1 inch in almost 2 months i comb oil through her hair after her showers i jsut apply about a small drop to my hands and rub them together then on her head and comb it for about 10 minutes with a wide tooth comb i leave oil in her hair overnight one night a week
    i recomend black sead oil and yemeni honey this has worked for my daughter and i dont use shampoo in her hair at all or conditioner just wen i wash the oil out once a week …..

    if anyone would like to know wer to get the honey from feel free to email me maybe i can find a place that sells it near you…
    im in Australia..

  32. Oh my-please dont do anything to stimulate hair growth. More than likely she has a genetic condition and it’s not as rare as one might think. I had it as a kid and had such thin sparse hair my Mom thought I might be really sick. I had comments from relatives like-oh you poor dear, your face is so cute, but your hair, what are we ever going to do with that. Well, when I hit 10-12 it went from that to thick lush hair. It is also wavy. It takes almost 2 hours to completely blow dry-but is beautiful. I have 6 kids and my last daughter has the same condition. I realize it is frustrating, but it is not the end of the World. I know that in 5-10 years her hair will be great! Just manage it for now and one day you will be shocked at how different it is!
    Good luck!

  33. Hello,

    I have recently taken my 3.5 year old daughter to a pediatric dermatologist, who tells me this is a condition called ‘Short Anagen Syndrome’, which is related to ‘Loose Anagen Syndrome’. It typically corrects itself over time, but not always. It may respond to Minoxidil treatments. (Rogaine) Which he says is fine if you give the dosage for women vs. men. I’m going to try it. Please join my facebook group for Short Anagen Syndrome so we can share stories and discuss possible progress. Thanks!

  34. My daughter just turned 6. She has fair skin, blue eyes and pale blonde hair…THAT WILL NOT GROW!! It reaches her shoulders and is very fine and silky. She has never had a haircut and it worries her that two of her cousins ( that are the same age) have long hair and have had multiple haircuts. I don’t know what to tell her!

  35. Hey all, check out “Loose Anagen Syndrome” and try some Women’s Rogaine. You’ll know in 6 months if it helps the hair to grow, if not, then wait and pray for puberty to kick it into growth. :)

  36. my baby will be 1 may 15 she mixed n her hair is sooo thin dat every thing i use break it n start 2 give her dat nappy look n now it wnt grow at all i dnt knw wat 2 do…

  37. Hi
    My daugther is 30 months and she was born with hardly has any hair. Her hair is curly but very light. People told me to shave her hair off as this will make it grow out thicker, which I have done a few months ago, its still pretty short but its growing slowly but surely, she still looks like a baby compared to other 2 year olds. People get a shock when she speaks to them as they think she is a lot younger.

    I wont say go and shave the hair off but it seems that it has helped get ther hair out thicker.

  38. Hi everyone…

    I was so surprised to come across this discussion on the net..My daughter is 14 and has issues with hair growth her whole life… Her hair used to be really white now its really blonde its also very curly and she has blue eyes and she is very fair.. but she also tans well in summer, well thats another issue…Her hair has never grown past her shoulders and it does feel different from the norm.. It has always felt like babys hair and when its dirty it feels quite course…. she seems to have lots of layers and the hair seems to have different lengths without a cut.. I noticed the other day that she has a few areas where the hair is all the same legth but in amongst that she has really short sections that look like they dont belong…she hates her hair and its a uge deal for her as she is very self conscious and she sticks out cos of the colour.. she has always wanted long straight hair.. and I was hoping it might of changed by now… I have tried regular trims and almond oil on the scalp to no avail….some days she wears a wig.. so i feel bad for her…My hair grew slow as well and was blonde but hers is much worse and was blonder….I am just really trying to work out if this is genetic and why its happened….any advise would be great thanks so much….KIM

  39. hello all,
    I am almost 40 years old. i was born with barely any hair. I wish it was shoulder length however it it only about 2 to 3 inches. very fragile, very thin. i am blonde, with brown eyes finnish and swedish and french decent. i still have know idea why i was blessed with this. i say blessed but sometimes it was a burden. kids are mean, but i survived knowing that i was special and different. I wish i could where a wig and who knows that may be coming. the best thing i can say is mothers let your children know that they are different but so very special. They will have a different outlook on things of life. that will make them special. anyone who finds out how this is or if it can be cured the info will be appreciated by everyone who suffers this. keep the faith.

  40. I feel for all these little ladies, my hair is the same way and my daughter inherited it from me. My hair is dark blonde, my friends in college used to say that I have “baby” hair, and they were right! I never lost my baby hair and had “real” hair grow in! It’s always been VERY thin, fine, limp, and even when I didn’t cut it for 10 years, it never grew below my ears. My daughter is three and her hair is exactly the same. She won’t let me trim it because she wants to have long hair like her cousins, who have thick, curly hair down to their waists! Poor baby. Oh well, that’s life, gotta roll with it!

  41. MEL,

    Great advice! I also have a just turned 6 yr old daughter, light brown hair, very thin and growing at a snails pace, she’s never had a haircut..ever. I went to her pediatrition about it and he says genetics, look into your family history, little did I know as a child my hair was limp and thin when I was her age :) So I try to be creative in styling it for now I want her to be confident in how she looks, there are many cute hairstyles girls can wear to mask almost the slowly developing length.

  42. I was like your daughters. I had very, very fine white blonde baby hair that bearly grew all the way up until I was 29 and became pregnant with my daughter. During the pregnancy it became a bit darker and thicker. After the pregnancy and after i stopped breastfeeding i did get a lot of hairloss but my hair is still of a better quality than it has been my whole life. My biggest insecurity with my hair has always been the hairline. Most people can wear their hair in a ponytail to showoff an attractive hairline..i’ve never really had one, just sparce little white hairs that go all the way back to the crown and dont grow. HOWEVER my hairline does look a lot better nowdays and i believe it will continue to improve, i’ve been rubing organic aloe vera gel into it for years and now its thickening up becoming a normal blonde colour and growing slowly…. i rub it in at night, sleep with it in and wash it out in the morning as many times a week as i can be bothered. Good luck all!

  43. my daughter will be 2 at the end of this month and she was born with a head full of hair up until she reached about 1, then all of her hair fell out. I took her to a pediatrician and he gave me a special shampoo and medication. I gave it to her and her hair started to grow back, but now her hair is really dry and its about 3 1/2 inches on the top and about a quarter of an inch in the back. I dont know what to do or use.

  44. My daughter is almost 5 and has extremely fine reddish blonde hair and it has been cut twice since she was born. The back is down to her neck finally, but the top and sides don’t grow at all. She looks like she has really short straggled bangs, but it is just bc it doesn’t grow there at all since birth I have even marked the root in some places and it actually does not grow at all ;(

  45. My son will be 9 in three days, he’s black, his hair will only grow about 1 inch; just enough to need a hair cut. His hair has been like this all his life and I have never figured out why. He will never be able to where braids or an afro if he ever choose to. I attempted to grow him a tail in the back of his head and it was there over a year and was still not long enough to braid at all. I’m not sure what is causing this because my daughter and I have very long hair my hair grow like weeds. All I can come up with is that it could be from his dad cus he started balding in his early 20’s.

  46. I have been having the same problems with my six year old, her hair just doesn’t want to grow. She had her hair at shoulder length all the way up till she was 4. This is very bothersome to her because my older daughter has very long hair down to her waist. After trying tons of organic products, high end and even home remedies I found a great product! What I found was a shampoo and conditioner called Mane & Tail it’s a miracle!! I know you might be skeptical but trust me it works. She has been using it for over a year and even though it does grow very slow the great this it’s at least growing!! Her hair is Now down to her mid back and has also gotten thicker.

  47. my daughter is almost 5, mixed, white/latina. very light brown skinned and light brown hair. thin and limp and ragedy looking.. has not grown at all and is barely past her ears. she too is very self conciense of it. we have been to the pediatrician and he tested her vitamin levels and said she was fine. basically dismissed my concerns. i am searching for anything that could help it grow

  48. Please investigate Loose Anagen Syndrome and Short Anagen syndrom. I have the same problems with my daughter who is now 5 and she was diagnosed with Loose Anagen at 4yrs. There is nothing you can do it is a genetic disorder if that is what your child has. Many parentes give their children biotin supplements but it is only cosmetic.

  49. My 12yr old daughter had a scalp fungus about 3yrs ago and since then, her hair wont grow. As a matter of fact it has gotten extremely short. I started using a hair softener and getting her ends trimmed. We have stopped the hair softer (5months now) and the more the ends get trimmed the shorter her hair is and wont grow. She had shoulder lenght hair and now it’s neckline length. She is getting new growth but no length. I cut her a bang in aug 2010 and it has not grown back. Could she have a scalp condition thats causing her hair not to grow? Could it be from the previous fungus?

  50. My daughter is almost 13 and has very fine course hair. It is also at the bottom of her neck and will not grow. I started her on prenatal vitiams to see if that helps. She has red hair and hazel eyes and very fair skin. If anyone knows what to do please let me know. I have taken her to the doc and they tested her thyroid and everythng came back good. Its a helpless feeling to see your child crying over their hair and theres nothing you can do.

  51. There definitely has to be a genetic/medical/nutritional link. I really can’t believe the medical community hasn’t come up with something that gets to the root cause (no pun intended) of this problem. Why do we keep wasting money/time on topical solutions that won’t likely solve the true problem?

  52. My daughter is mixed and six years old I’ve had many problems keeping her hair moisturized and to grow past her shoulders. She wants hair like me which will never happen but I’m hoping it eventually grows. I recently used a keratin aka Brazilian blowout and it turned out nice so well see if it grows now . Also a beautician told me to use argon oil shampoo and conditioner wish me luck

  53. My daughter is 3 and a half and we’re also having this problem. She is of Russian and Dutch decent, brown hair, brown eyes, her skin isn’t fair but she is Caucasian. Her hair is VERY thin, and short. My entire family has always had long, think, wavy hair. Her father’s side has thick hair. So it’s really confusing to me that even after 3 years she barely had any hair. People still think she’s a boy if she wears anything gender neutral. Normally, I wouldn’t really be concerned about it too much, but she’s very jealous of other girls with long hair, and I’ve been catching her try to cut her dolls hair off, and tugging on her cousin’s hair.

  54. My daughter is 4 and her hair hasn’t grown at all, any hair that does falls out. She has loose anagen syndrome. Anyone found anything that works?

  55. My 6 year old also has very fine thin hair that just will not grow. THIS IS NOT NATURAL!!. The fact that so many people are experiencing this means that it is something that we are all exposed to that is causing it. The 3 usual suspects are:

    #1 Gluten – since the 1970’s, they changed the genetic make-up for wheat by blasting it with cancer causing chemicals (the same that is used in agent orange). This killed 99.9% of the wheat germ, but the .1% that survived was cross bread with other .1% germ survivors. The new Genetically Modified Wheat adopted the pesticide characteristics of the chemical, making bugs and pests not like the wheat. In essence, wheat is no longer wheat. It is a foreign substance that is not natural to our earth and therefore something that our bodies does not like. All testing of wheat now clearly shows that it causes inflammation in our bodies. Some countries still have the ancient type of wheat available (I forget what its called), but it is difficult to find in North America and its expensive. Unfortunately they put this genetically modified wheat in everything. It has also been proven that this GMO wheat makes you feel hungry, so shortly after eating it and feeling full you will soon fell hungry again. Obviously bread, pasta, etc., but its also used as filler in soups and other products. You need to cut all wheat and gluten from your diet for this hair issue as well as for many other health problems including diabetes, skin dryness, headaches, insomnia, ADHD, and many others.

    #2 Radio-Frequency Radiation (RFR) which is emitted by cell phones, cell phone towers, baby monitors, WiFi, cordless phones, and the worst of them all – the ‘Smart Meters’. Since before 1970 they have KNOWN that VERY LOW LEVELS of this radiation causes interference with the natural electrical pulses in your heart and brain. This interference throws off your melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, and other brain chemicals just enough to cause you to become chemically imbalanced. Scientifically proven studies from Nobel Prize winning scientists and other experts show some of the symptoms to include: hair loss, autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, headaches, allergies, insomnia, bleeding noses, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), difficulty concentrating, breaking down of dna which is first step of cancer, and many other symptoms.

    #3 Vaccines – we have all heard about those that believe vaccines are causing Autism. My personal opinion from my research, I feel that the dramatic increase in RFR over the last 15 years that we are all exposed to 24 hours a day (at work, at school, and now at home while we sleep)is responsible for the dramatic increase in Autism. From 1 in 2000 kids in the USA to now more than 1 in 50. But having said that, I don’t believe the vaccines are safe. Several of the “top 2%” including Rockefeller and Mr. Bill Gates have let it slip (on video) that one of the things they plan to use to “reduce the worldwide population” is vaccines. It has become law in most places to vaccinate your kids, and your doctors and schools insist on it. I believe you can fight it (and it is a fight) and declare that for “religious reasons” you reject the vaccines. I wish I knew what I know now years ago so that I could have prevented my kids from getting vaccinated.

    So I believe that one or more of these things is causing our kids (is it me, or is it mostly daughters and not sons?) to have this Short Anagen Syndrome causing hair not to grow. They will tell us its genetics so can’t be helped, or just something they can’t explain. But they will find something to help because they can make money off of a solution. Even if they know the cause they would rather sell you medicine than make public the fact that the drug manufacturers or our gov’t’s are the cause.

    Sorry for babbling on, but I’m afraid that most of you are unaware of what the corrupt corporations and gov’t’s have been doing to us for the last 50 years. They paint anyone that speaks of it as a ‘tinfoil hat wearing loonie’. Remember tobacco?? How they added cancer causing chemicals that caused it to be addictive, had proof that their product was killing people and just tried to cover it up, all in an effort for more $$$. Remember the cover up and all the corruption? Well, that’s nothing compared to what’s going on now.

  56. HI, Im shocked to see how many females are effected.
    I am 23 years of age and my hair does not grow at the rate it should, I have had it cut once in my entire life and have resulted in using hair extensions also as my confidence is no where to be seen leaving the house looking the way I do.

    I have tried vitamins and been to a few doctors who are also unable to tell me what the problem is.

    I have bold spots, thin, brittle, course, weak hair.
    my top layer has grown upto my ears and has stopped.
    Middle layer is roughly 4cm in length and very patchy causing bold spots where the hair struggles to grow.
    Bottom layer is the same though on the side are ‘rats tails’..these 2 random spots dont seem to struggle at all with growth upto my collar bone.

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