How Can I Convince My Transplant Doctor to Refund My Money?, Part 2

This is a follow-up to a post from a month ago, How Can I Convince My Transplant Doctor to Refund My Money?

Hi i wrote to you in October about my bad hair transplant and i would like more advise from you because everyday i suffer from it. its making me hate my life ever since i had the procedure done. Here is the message that i wrote to you and you responded.

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I would like to also add that when i tried to speak to the doctor he did not let me finish what i was saying. it was like he already knew what was on my heart and on purpose shut me up. Im not a cruel person so i did not argue back i just listened to all his rude remarks and hung up when he was done making me feel stupid. Every day i look at my hairline and it just hurts me deeply. I have spent over $7.000 and when i look at before and after pictures i still look the same. When i lift my hair up i can see that my left side looks like it has plugs and the right side is noticibly higher then the left. It has been 7 months and i still look like NW class 2 hairloss. im just tired of feeling depressed and feeling stupid. I dont know what to do anymore. im so frustrated with this. Im tired of waking up and falling asleep with the same though on my head. Im tired of seeing all the people in my college class with much better natural hairlines and feeling stupid that even after spending over $7000 i look worse then them. If theres anything you can do please help me

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Now that you have waited the 7 months I suggested the last time you wrote to me, I would suggest that you get another opinion. If you can see me in Los Angeles or San Jose California, I will be able to render you an opinion and even offer to help you once I know what the problem is (in medical terms at the least so that I can frame the process). This does not seem like a comfortable problem you have, not just because of the lost money, but your perception of poor work. Call my office and let’s start off with a conversation. You can reach me at 800-NEW-HAIR (or 310-553-9113) and ask to speak with me (Dr. Rassman). Please reference this blog posting when you call. My heart goes out to you and I would like to see if I can help.

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