Is Follica the Breakthrough?

Hello Doctor,
I came across this article regarding Follica – Hairloss Cure: Could Follica Be A New Breakthrough In Baldness Prevention Products?

What are your thoughts about this? Is it something you are looking forward to?

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Would you peel your scalp skin back? As the article states: …“sounds mildly terrifying: they start with a process called ‘skin-peturbation’ where the top layers of the scalp are peeled back.

There’s a long way to go before Follica would be able to be taken to market, so I’m not going to get excited about it yet. I’ve seen a lot of promising “cures” go nowhere over the years. We shall see.

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5 thoughts on “Is Follica the Breakthrough?

  1. If one follows the field of biotechnology, this company has constantly been re-inventing itself for about 5 years now and is especially adept at encouraging “goundbreaking” press releases. In all fairness, one of their co-founders has published a nice article in Nature Medicine this year showing that fibroblast growth factor 9 affects hair follicle regeneration after wounding the skin of adult mice.
    Scientifically interesting, but a long way from commercial application.

  2. Does Dr. Rassman really not know what the word “perturbation” means? Did he just take the description provided by the non-doctor author and call it a day? Skin perturbation could be as little damage as sunburn, not “peeling back” the entire dermis. Furthermore, how in the world is a strip surgeon going to criticize any new technology for being too invasive?

    That being said, Follica is probably a very long way off. So we all still have to rely on the “expertise” of doctors (?) like Rassman.

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