I’m Not Sure If I Have Hair Loss or It is Just Looking Thinner When My Hair is Damp (with Photos)

Hey Doc,

I’m a little confused, and concerned about my hair. I went to a dermatologist last year as my scalp is inflamed and scabby, and was prescribed Ketopine shampoo. I also asked about my hair as I had been concerned about it, and was told I was not suffering from hair loss. However, I’ve recently had a hair cut, and it’s shorter than normal, and decided I’d take some pics, just to see what it was like. I’m a little uncomfortable by what I’ve seen, and I’m now I’m really quite worried as to whether I am suffering from hair loss, or whether the fact my hair was damp at the time of taking the (worse) pictures have contributed to my hair looking the way it does.

These pics were right after my hair cut, with damp hair. Different pics with flash, and others without: Photo. These are from before my hair cut, using the webcam on my computer to take the pics: Photo.

Finally, these two pics are from today, whilst my hair is dry. I have product in – I tend to always wear product to control my hair. This is just after getting up this morning, so I’ve not wash my hair or anything. Photo 1, Photo 2

As you can see, I’m a little confused as to whether it’s an illusion that my hair appears to be thinner, or if there genuinely is something going on. And I’m more confused by my dermatologist saying it was ‘fine’.

I appreciate that this is long and that there are many pics, but I don’t mind if you post anything. I’d just like to know if I’m worrying about nothing, or have a genuine reason to be concerned.


I’ve only posted a couple of the photos here, though I kept all the links to additional pictures in your above letter for those that are curious.


I don’t know that you have anything to be worried about, nor do I know anything about your hair loss history (or even your age)… but if you were confused by what your dermatologist told you, you probably should’ve asked him/her for clarification.

Wet hair and harsh lighting could make your hair appear thinner, but by what I can see in the photos you sent, I am not seeing any loss even with the lighting and damp hair. That said, I have written about the hair bulk analysis we provide by using an instrument called HairCheck. When tested with this instrument, your donor area is compared to other parts of your scalp so that you will know with reasonable certainty if you are suffering from the balding process, even before you can see it.

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