72 year old surfer, still surfing and he has HAIR (Photo)

Donald had his hair transplant 25 years ago and came to see me today. He volunteered to tell his hair loss history before the hair transplant and here it is!

“I started losing my hair it in9 my early 30s. Being as vain as I am I started looking for answers. The first thing I tried was this electrical comb that smelled weird and purple gas came out of it and they would rub it over my head every week with no results. Of course I was taking vitamins (supposedly) and minerals that were promoted to grow your hair back. There were even hair shampoos that was supposed to grow your hair back etc.  I heard that Germany had top technology on hair transplant so I went to Germany. Everything I saw was insufficient and look like dolls hair (that was hair transplants). Then I heard about about a cure in Morocco, so I went there for some sort of cobra venom shots that grew hair so, but eventually I gave up. Until luckily I saw an ad Dr. Rassman had on TV. He was taking one follicle at a time and replacing it on your areas of baldness. Result was natural from day one.  And I now have a full head of growing hair.”

Had Donald not hair a hair transplant, he would have a Class 7 balding pattern.  The last picture shown is an old photo he brought to the office today taken 10 years before had a hair transplant.  To make it look as thick as it does today, we did Scalp Micropigmentation a few months ago.  This is something that many men should consider if their hair transplant is not thick enough.

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