After Hair Transplants, many doctors ignore patients’ questions – why?

Almost every day I get emails (because of my internet presence) from patients who had surgery and find their doctors don’t seem to answer their concerns and questions.  Many of these men see an abrupt change in the doctor when compared to before their surgery. I guess it is like being sold a used car and the salesman is all over you, attentive to your every need, until…. that is,  you purchase the car and have problems. As they already got your money they don’t to have to be responsive anymore.

Being a good doctor means taking care of the patient and all of his/her needs before, during and AFTER the hair transplant.  I find, however, that I am stepping up to help those whose doctors just don’t seem to care about them after their surgery. This may be more of a problem as Medical Tourism is becoming very common (I get both types of post-surgery emails). If for example, you go to Turkey and have a surgical procedure, then go back to your home country, local doctors will have no interest in you and the doctors in Turkey (assuming that they were doctors – which is often not the case) certainly have no structure put together to help you in your home country.

My advice for anyone reading this post is to meet and speak with patients who had surgery with that ‘doctor’ you are considering before you make the decision to go with that doctor or that clinic. Their patients will always share with you what their experience was, so this way you hear it first hand and will avoid the problems if you listen to what you are told.

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