Can Someone Control DHT?

HI DR. RASSMAN, I have a question for you…. you say propecia slows the hairloss, but mphl still progresses. I would like to know why the radio show host Spencer Kobren (The Bald Truth) has been able to stop his hair loss for 11 yrs now. Is he from another planet, or someone very special because he say that DHT is scared of him???? I mean you say the studies on merck site show hairloss continues even on the drug but yet I know Spencer has stop his hairloss. I think you might be reading that propecia curve wrong. I believe that when you start taking propecia you ” SHOCK THE SYSTEM” and you hairs go into a angen phase so appears like more hair is growing in the first 2 yrs but are hair does not stay in that phase forever . The hair on our head is not all in sync at the same time. I would also like to point out that the graph shows hair that was grow from vellus hair and does not count the hair that was maintain.. like the the terminal hair. That means at 5 yrs you will have 277 more hairs then when you started but what about all the hair you maintained. There is a difference between maintenance and the growing of lost hair. He has kept his so I think that proves his point, don’t you? DO I make sense..

What you’re saying is speculation based upon little fact. You are confusing things like vellus hair and miniaturized hair. The vellus hair is in each follicular unit (with or without balding present) and miniaturized hair is hair that is impacted by the genetic balding process. All hair goes into anogen, the longest part of its growing cycle and it may last years. You are implying that vellus hairs grow into normal hair on Propcia, but that is not a fact that I am aware of. One can not put all of the pieces together the way you did. The fact that Spencer did not lose his hair may have been in his genetic cards, and certainly not because he “scared” his DHT away. I would not say that former President Bill Clinton “mastered” keeping his hair or that he “frightened” his DHT, even with the Pentagon behind him. Sorry, but I have little to add.

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