Confused about SMP and FUE, can you help me?

Hi Doctor, I am thinking about getting a SMP and have some apprehensions. I saw a few of your posts and you seem to be quite upfront and honest about the procedure. I would mean a lot to me if you could please verify some of the information I have been told.  The clinic where I got my consultation told me the following: Trico SMP procedure does not yield as good of results as regular SMP and there can be possible discoloration and blue tint as it fades, so they recommended that I go for regular 3d looking SMP. Their permanent SMP tends to last 5-8 years, they seem to be suggesting that it will mostly fade away unless touch ups are done.  I had the following questions: Initially the idea of Trico SMP really appealed to me, as I don’t mind going for this treatment again but the few samples of work the clinic showed me had inferior results as compared to regular SMP. Also there was a bit of blue tinge as the pigments started to fade, leading me to seriously consider regular SMP. Do you know if trico SMP can achieve the same results as permanent SMP? Will it look really awkward as it fades away if I don’t want to get a touch up done and just let it fade away?   How does the regular SMP look as it fades away after 8-10 years? Will that look really bad if I decide to not get any touch ups in hopes of it fading away as well?  Essentially the permanency of having a tattoo really concerns me. If these pigments just naturally get lighter and sort of do so in a way where it doesn’t look awkward then I am fine with it.  I also wanted to consider getting FUE procedure done after my SMP to add some density around my scalp, for a more natural rougher buzz cut look if possible. I was also wondering if I should opt for FUE before hand, but I have quite thin donor area. If you could please provide some insight I would really appreciate it. The clinic and artist I am most likely to get my SMP done is quite reputable as well.

In regard to FUE, if you never had a hair transplant before, then most people have enough hair for FUE. The question is how big is the balding area that is going to be covered. I need to see pictures of you for that with the pictures in your worst light.

The Trico SMP sounds like a sales pitch. Temporary SMP is not good because it becomes an excuse for bad work that then assures the patients not to worry because it will go away in a year or two. Black pigments turn blue or green based on the trichomatic theory where the eye perceives blue or green against the background of your scalp color. Look at the veins in your hand, they are green but your blood is red (I think, yes?). People who use black pigments cause blue and green SMP. There is also the issue of the pigments that are used. Many people use pigments that contain toxic metals, we use only organic pigments.

Send me photos and set up a telephone consultation, its free. if you end up coming to Los Angeles, we subsidize travel as part of our service.

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