Creating a Personalized Master Plan for Present and Future Balding (photos)

This 23 year old male who wanted to find out if he was a good candidate for a hair transplant. His present Norwood pattern of hair loss is an early Class 3 pattern.  At 23, I normally would not offer hair transplants to someone of his age because: (1) the balding pattern is not completely defined at this age, see example here:, (2) I usually ask myself the questions “can he support a worst case Class 7 balding pattern if it should occur?”, (3) his hair thickness is very coarse (see example here: and (4) his level of maturity in accepting the advice of a doctor like me appears reasonable as we worked on the plan shown here together and he understands that his final balding pattern is poorly defined at this time.  I asked him to map out his head and with a hand microscope purchased from Amazon, he mapped out his head and gave me detailed microscopic views of his hair in different parts of his scalp.  The pictures here show that there is some early miniaturization in the frontal area (first set of photos) and that his donor density when calculated by me, showed that his total hair count (total hairs on the head) is approximately 160,000 hairs (an average Caucasian has 110,000), and that he averages 3.2 hairs/follicular unit (or graft). The average Caucasian has a follicular unit hair count of 2.2 hairs/follicular unit (or graft). His available hair is 50% higher than the average Caucasian. That puts his donor graft supply very high.  In addition, he purchased a micrometer from Amazon (at my suggestion) and measured his donor hair thickness (he cut 6 hairs from area [CD] on the third set of photos). His hair thickness measured 72 microns which means that he has a coarse hair.  From a Personalized Master Plan perspective, if he was to progress even to to a Class 7 pattern (the most advanced hair loss pattern), he would have enough hair to transplant his entire head. His hair has a high hair mass capable of covering a huge area of his head, if he should bald further at sometime in the future which is likely from what I see on the various maps he provided to me. At this time, all of his miniaturization is confined to the frontal area of the scalp and the frontal corner hairline.

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