I have been suffering from some major skin problems on my face for 9 months now!! Doctors haven’t helped. I’ve spent thousands of dollars. I have recently come to believe I might be suffering from demodicosis/demodecosis/demodicidosis. And yes, I have noticed a ton of my hair everywhere. I noticed someone wrote in a few months back saying he had cured himself of it. Is there any way I might be put in contact with him?? I’m curious to know what type of protocol he followed & his symptoms. You must understand, this plague has ruined my life and I want to get rid of it. I’ve pasted the link below. Your help would mean the world. Thank you kindly

Demodicosis and Hair Loss

Not all people who write use a valid email address, added to the fact that the sheer amount of email this blog receives would make hunting the person down pretty difficult (I realize there is a “search” feature in most email programs, but alas, the message was from half a year ago). Perhaps the person that wrote the original email is reading this and will get in contact with me again with permission to pass his contact info on.

I did find an article of human infestation that may be of interest. See: PubMed. You might have to be logged in to read the article, but the summary is:

49 patients with different clinical types of demodecosis were examined. There was a pronounced decrease in the T-cellular immunity state on the skin. The state of immunity was directly dependent on the degree of clinical manifestation and when the patients contracted the disease, and it correlated with data from the humoral immunity state study (CIC).

This article suggests an immune problem may exist in those that have the infestation. You should see a good doctor (dermatologist) if you feel that this infestation is present. Good luck.

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