Do older men get thinning hair?

So I’m 25 and I can tell my hair is thinning. My hairline is intact, but I can tell it’s less dense in the front and on top. Not really noticeable yet unless I shine a bright light at it. My dad is 52 and he still has a “full” head of hair and hairline, but it’s noticeably thinned out in density. When he styles it and doesn’t stand under heavy direct lighting, it doesn’t look that bad at all. Even under lighting it’s not that bad.

Mine seems to be doing the same thing at this point. I’m wondering if it’s likely my hair will end up like his? Like I’ll continue losing some density, but eventually it halts and doesn’t get worse. Does diffuse thinning work like that sometimes? My grandfather on my moms side is 82 and still has a freakish amount of hair on his head. I’m pretty jealous.

As men age, the hair shafts often become thinner and that produces a see-through look without necessary balding. We wrote about this and called in ‘Age Related Thinning’


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