Do women ignore bald men?

Back when I had hair girls used to flirt with me and tell me how good looking I was. Now women see the bald head and don’t give me a second glance. It’s as if their minds are seeing my head and picturing their children with me coming out bald with a Norwood 6. Before I didn’t have to say more than 3 words to get a woman interested in me, but it takes so much effort now.

Society has always discriminated against men with balding. It goes back over 2000 years when tuberculosis was running rampant producing balding men because they were sickly.  That set up a connection between balding on one side with a sickly man, and a healthy vibrant hairy man on the other side.  So the norm has been propelled for centuries and it is somehow ingrained in our culture.  Men wore wigs or hats to hide their balding so women wouldn’t be able to tell.  Met wore top hats in the late 1800 and early 1900s.  Today we wear baseball caps. We are still victims of this culturally, unfortunately.

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