Fiinasteride not working after one year

 It has been a rollercoaster with finasteride: I first used 5 months of topical Morr-F, which at first I saw real results after just a month or 2, but after that my hair seemed to get worse again. It got really bad when in April I started oral fin and used minoxidil instead of the Morr-F, but at around June my hair had become significantly worse. I am a Nw2.5-3 with diffuss forelock, but initially saw vellus hairs fill in the temples. It could have been that not all the morr f was legitimate, I don’t know. The strange thing was that around last month I thought I finally began to see results: the vellus hairs came back and the forelock was slightly thicker it seemed, but since a few weeks it has all gone again and it is significantly thinner again.

I am very confused guys. My hair is in a terrible state in the front (at or below baseline) so am I just unlucky or should I wait even longer? It gets me quite depressed. No side effects though on fin (except abdominal fat gain since starting oral, no change in diet).

Finasteride isn’t for everyone. In some men it just doesn’t work. See a hair expert MD for how to manage your hair.

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