Finding a low cost hair transplant

I’ve been trying to get some sort of idea of about how much a hair transplant would cost to just fill in my temples. I’ve been on finasteride and minoxidil for over a year now with great results, but my temples are still thinner than i would like.

Anyone able to give a rough estimate of what the cost might be just to fill in thin temples? I think 500 grafts would be the absolute most I would need. And yes I am in the process of setting up a consultation but I would like to have an idea beforehand.

Hair transplant pricing is all over the place; however, think about what you are actually buying. If you needed a heart transplant or brain surgery, would you try to find the least expensive place to do it? I have seen many men find a cheap hair transplant and then, when either it failed or the doctor who performed it, didn’t bother to build a Master Plan for your future and then you find out that you lost a significant amount of your donor supply that is limited, the fee becomes ridiculously high regardless of how little that you think you paid for it. I have seen many hair transplant result where the doctor ruined the donor area or did it too soon just to get your money. Make sure that the doctor is reputable and if he employs a salesmen, don’t trust the consultation or possibly even the surgery. Try to find dirt on the doctor from Yelp, Realself, and Reddit. There are many potholes in selecting a doctor so don’t fall into one.

Here is a review sent into Realself for me this morning about the consultation I gave him yesterday and that I told him not to do a hair transplant, which is why he came in to see me:

As the years have gone by, I have started to notice some thinning up top. After doing some research, I decided to setup a hair loss consultation with Dr. Rassman.

I chose to setup my appointment via an online form, and was surprised when I received a phone call from Dr. Rassman himself within 15 minutes! Turns out, he happened to see my consultation request while relaxing on his deck, and decided to give me a call! He was very friendly and personable on the phone, which made me feel better about my upcoming in-person consultation.

I arrived on the day of my consultation and was seen very promptly. Dr. Rassman was as friendly and jovial in-person as he was on the phone. He did a quick visual examination, and then performed an inspection using a device called the Haircheck. This devices takes measurement of hair density per square inch at different sites on the scalp, using the back of the head as a baseline to compare with other locations on the scalp. I had never seen this type of device used before, and I was impressed by Dr. Rassman’s objective and data-based approach to evaluating hair loss.

After the Haircheck inspection, he informed me that there was some thinning, but not enough to recommend a hair transplant. He then gave me a thorough description of my options and talked through the potential side effects, while interjecting some lighthearted humor, which made me feel at ease. He was very knowledgeable, and was up to date on the latest research. In addition, he answered all of my questions and promised to email me additional info. I was surprised and delighted to find that Dr. Rassman followed-through on his promise quickly, emailing the additional info in about an hour.

I suspect that many other surgeons would have simply taken my money and performed a hair transplant, but I respect Dr. Rassman for his candor and honesty in recommending against a hair transplant. If you are thinking about seeing someone about your hair loss, I would definitely recommend seeing Dr. Rassman for a consultation!

Get a virtual consultation with Dr. William Rassman and Dr. Jae Pak for hair loss options. You can learn more by scheduling an appointment.

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