Girl Told Me I’d Be Ugly Bald

I responded with, “If I go bald, then I’ll just have to deal with it and go on with life”. It felt so empowering to embrace the fact that I might be bald someday. If she thinks I’m ugly, then that leaves another 4 billion potential females who might find me attractive.  This girl and I are just friends by the way and I don’t think she knows my hair is thinning.

Society has prejudices. This is well illustrated in two observations: (1) Since Eisenhower was president, no president has been elected that has been bald because society thinks that bald men can’t be trusted. Men’t Fitness magazine did a study that showed that society felt different about bald men vs hairy men. I think that is why our sexy movies stars have good hairlines. (2) I ran a talk radio show called The Inner Man for a year in Los Angeles. Although my focus was not hair issues but religion, sex or social issues, I remember one show where I talked about hair and societies attitudes about it. One man called in and he was the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for a Billion dollar company (he did not say who he was just what he did). He told me that he would never hire a bald man because bald people couldn’t be trusted. As a side note, he said he was completely bald but he was trustworthy, different than everyone else.

People who are superficial don’t look below the surface of most things (balding included). I am sure that your ‘girl’ friend would not abandon her friendship with you if you started losing hair. She would be very supportive.


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