Hair Gel and Hair Loss

You responded to a post saying “good commercial” hair gel does not cause hair loss. Ok, what about cheap ones? And what is your conclusion based on, can you provide me with any studies supporting this position? How has this “myth” survived for so long, other than how most do in general – stated differently, what do proponents of this accusation base their claims on and why are they wrong?

Thanks in advance

OK, you got me on language and meanings. “Good and cheap” commercial hair gel should not cause hair loss. Otherwise they would be sued and go out of business or possibly go into a hair removal business. There is no medical study I am aware of to support my claim — it is just my opinion. I never knew there was a myth about gel and hair loss. I use gel everyday, as do millions of people.

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  1. contrary
    contrary says:

    ummm… yes, actually hair gel does make your hair fall out. i know hundreds of people who use it, and they are practically bald. and if it is just your opinon, then how do you know its true???? i know, because you use it, you dont believe it.

  2. Derek
    Derek says:

    I know people who are in their late 30s and have used hair gel since the early teens and they have no hair loss in my opinion at all. Plus, let’s think about this. Hair is dead and putting gel on hair won’t make a difference


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