Help me find a doctor who will properly test me for my genetic balding

Thank you for all of the advice you continue to give to the hair loss community! I frequently read the “Balding Blog” published on your website and appreciate the wealth of information it provides. On your blog, you have described some of the diagnostic procedures that you use to formulate a diagnosis. I notice that you have mentioned using instruments such as microscopes and the “HAIRCHECK” device. Are these types of instruments common in a dermatologists office? The reason I ask is because I have seen two dermatologists in the past two years for my own hair loss and they did not mention these types of things at all. The doctors I have seen seemed fairly dismissive about my condition and came to a diagnosis without even examining my hair. With all due respect to them, I do not feel that they truly considered all the factors of my hair loss situation to come to the most accurate diagnosis possible. I am considering scheduling another dermatology appointment with a doctor in my area but is it common practice for your neighborhood dermatologist to use more advanced diagnostic techniques (microscope, HAIRCHECK instrument, etc) or would I be better suited off going to a doctor who primarily focuses on hair loss/hair transplants? I would love to come to your office for a consultation with you but unfortunately I live in Pennsylvania so going to Los Angeles would be quite a trek! Is there anyone you would recommend for a hair loss consultation that uses some advanced diagnostic procedures on the NYC – Washington DC corridor or even as far west as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or Chicago? Thank you for your help!

Unfortunately, many dermatologists are just not interested in genetic balding in men because there is little they can do about it other than prescribe finasteride and/or minoxidil. Finding a doctor who is committed to managing men like you is critical. Dr. Robert Bernstein in New York is one of them (along with his partner) who can give you a good assessment of your hair loss situation. For some reason I don’t understand, many doctors don’t offer the HAIRCHECK instrument test ( which I personally believe is critical to early diagnosis. A discount flight to Los Angeles is not so bad considering that I offer a free initial consultation for people like you. Another good doctor is Dr. Robert Haber from Cleveland, Dr. Harris from Denver, Dr. Shapiro from Minniapolis, Dr. Konoir from Chicago and Dr. Brad Wolf from Cincinnati. I don’t know if they offer the HAIRCHECK test. I asked the company that makes the instrument to give me a list of doctors who have it so I can then give it to people like you. As of now, they are slow to respond.

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