I am considering an FUE transplant, what does ‘dense extraction’ mean?

I’m considering to get a procedure done and was wondering if there are difference between FUE procedures or are they all about the same?  What are some important questions to ask when deciding on a doctor besides ‘how long have you been doing this’?

FUEs vary between doctors because each doctor uses a different type of hand ‘punch’ and smaller ones (up to a limit), leave smaller, less detectable scars. The problem with FUE is that the number of grafts removed safely is absolutely related to the density of the hair in the back of the head. The higher the donor hair density, the more FUE grafts can be taken, while in a person with a low donor density (a typical Asian, Indian or middle easterner) might have a normal lower hair density than a typical Caucasian from Northern Europe.  This rule also applied to the Hair Mass Index of the hair, the higher the index, the more FUE grafts can be safely removed.  If a doctor takes too many hair grafts out, then you can get balding in the back and sides of your head from the FUE (see here: https://baldingblog.com/collection-victim-photos-internet-harvested-depleted-donor-areas/ ) which is something that the doctors don’t have to live with, you do. Worst, 90% of the people doing the FUEs in Turkey are not doctor so that certainly with an non-professional person doing your surgery may be VERY common in people receiving surgery in Turkey.

I was the person who pioneered the FUE in 2002 when I published the first paper and presented it at the first meeting all in the same month. I gave out 600 DVDs showing what an FUE looked like. Then, within a week, doctors from all over the world started doing it and doing it very poorly. My video was only 2 minutes long and it was not made to teach the doctors all of the nuances of the FUE. Even today, many doctors don’t understand it well. I, with my partner Dr. Pak, also invented the robot that does the FUE holding two patents for the technology. We licensed it to the company that made the ARTAS robot. Here is our original article that opened up the FUE business: https://newhair.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/mp-2002-fue.pdf

You must find a doctor who is skilled in the process and you can tell by asking to meet some of his patients and then look carefully at the donor area for the type of scarring that is evident (my link above shows it). Ask your doctor for his measurement of your original donor density and his assessment of how many grafts he believes you can support in your lifetime. Too many doctors take out too many grafts with FUE causing the problems I demonstrated above.

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