I Have a Vitamin D Deficiency and Diffuse Hair Loss.

Hello, as the title says, I have vitamin D deficiency (10.22 ng/mL, below 20 ng/mL) and severe diffuse thinning. I’m talking shitty hair density all around the scalp, the top, front, back and sides. Basically, all scalp is visible. However, I still retain my Nw1 hair line from 18 years old(currently 20) or so. My father is bald but his baldness started out in a classic horse shoe pattern until Nw6-7 and that started in his mid 20s till 30s. My hair loss started by shedding 150-200 hairs every shower starting 13-14 years old which lasted for a few years(stopped at about 17-18 yrs old) leaving me with shitty density all around. Could fixing my vit D deficiency improve the situation on it’s own or do I need to complement it with minox/fin/rolling?

Fix the Vitamin D problem first. As we know, it can cause hair loss if the Vitamin D levels are very low.

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